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Farmers’ Markets Temporarily Paused In St. Catharines



Farmers' Markets Temporarily Paused In St. Catharines

(CTN News) – Farmers’ Market customers will be able to shop for the time being.

For the months of January and February, the city has decided to suspend its Thursday market.

The decision was made in consultation with some vendors, according to Lori Mambella, the city’s manager of programs and culture services.

According to Mambella, customer traffic tends to be slower during the months of January and February.

“While the vendors are looking forward to seeing all of their customers on Saturday, the pause will provide them with an opportunity to take some time off or to spend time with their families ahead of the upcoming harvest season.”

According to Tom Neufeld, chair of the vendor association, the decision was a sensible one.

Winter is a slow time for business, he explained. I still find Saturdays to be a pretty good day. The farmer’s market is always the premier marquee event.

Thus, it is a wise idea to be there twice a week in the summer when farmers have strawberries, asparagus, etc., coming out.

The dates of Thursday and Saturday are convenient. As a result, I only attend on Saturdays during the winter months because Thursdays are a dull day.

It has operated at the market since 1932, making Neufeld Family Farms the longest-serving vendor. Tom has worked at their booth since he was six years old.

This will be the first time they will try one day a week, so Neufeld describes it as a “pilot project.”

He said, “Let’s see how that works and how it feels.”.

As far as traffic is concerned, it is a very rational decision. It is difficult to have a significant market during the week when you are missing a large number of vendors. Taking a break for a few months here makes sense, I believe.

As a result of the pandemic, the city discontinued the Tuesday market in favor of Saturday markets.

During the pandemic recovery, we focused on making the market experience the most enjoyable it can be for our vendors and customers, given the restrictions.

While we slowly evolved to reopen on Thursdays, we decided to remain with just two days per week – especially since some downtown businesses have opted to remain remote.

According to Neufeld, the three-day a week model worked for the city before the pandemic, but is no longer necessary.

Three times a week used to make sense, but now nobody bothers to a farmer’s market three times a week, he explained. The frequency of twice a week is about right for St. Catharines.”

The decision to cut back may not be popular with everyone, but Neufeld said there is no need to worry.

“This is just a minor setback,” he explained. “We will return.”

What sells best at farmer’s markets?

What to Sell at Farmers’ Market
  • Fruits and vegetables. The most obvious items to sell that are always in high demand are fresh fruits and vegetables. …
  • Baked desserts Another popular item to sell at farmers markets is baked desserts. …
  • Preserves and pickles. …
  • Honey and other bee products. …
  • Crafts.


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