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Despite Spotify’s Addition of Audiobooks, The Service Remains Unchanged



Despite Spotify's Addition of Audiobooks, The Service Remains Unchanged

(CTN News) _ Spotify’s announcement Tuesday offered little more than a bare-bones service available only in the U.S. Users can also download titles for offline listening.

Audio pace can also be adjusted by users. According to Spotify, the different speed options maintain the quality of the audio while giving you flexibility.

They add that there are no ads in audiobooks.

Spotify’s initial venture into audiobooks is substandard compared to its competitors in terms of features.

In the app, audiobooks cannot be purchased. Spotify’s mobile app instead sends you an email with a link to a Spotify webpage where you can buy the audiobook.

After you purchase the audiobook through the website, it is saved to your Spotify account. While it’s at it, it tries to sell you a Spotify premium subscription.

Since most audiobook listeners use smartphones, this is a very awkward way to do things.

Spotify has not yet introduced the ability to purchase items while still in-app, which is a pretty big oversight considering its competition.

Getting audiobooks from Spotify doesn’t require a Spotify subscription.

Only a few audiobooks are discounted from their full retail price, and all are a la carte.

Audible offers a monthly subscription plan that gives users 1 credit redeemable for any audiobook for about $15, but Spotify does not.

 Prices for audiobooks range from $20 to $30.

Books are available on Spotify. For those who prefer Stephen Fry’s version, there is the Jim Dale version of Stephen King’s Dark Tower. Get N.K. or James SA.

 Besides James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks, you’ll find classics like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

There are also Black voices and LGBTQIA+ representations.

Spotify’s rudimentary service out the starting gate isn’t anything to get too excited about.

The company seems to be planning big things, at least according to past statements—but as of now, not offering anything new compared to competitors seems an odd choice for such a crowded market.

Is Spotify free anymore?

Play millions of songs and podcasts, for free.

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