Boston Will Be Lego’s Americas Headquarters In 2026



(CTN News) – In 2026, Lego plans to move its Americas headquarters from Connecticut to Boston, according to an announcement made by the toy company Tuesday.

LEGO is still looking for a suitable building for its new headquarters. This is because all employees at the current Enfield headquarters will be able to work at the upcoming headquarters, which will be located in the newly constructed headquarters.

The Boston Globe reported that Skip Kodak, president of Lego Group in the Americas, said that he would prefer a location within the city and near public transportation for the building.

The company hopes to announce a specific location by the end of September, according to a spokesman.

As Kodak stated in a press release, it makes sense to move to Boston. This is due to its ranking as one of the leading cities in the world when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

He boasted that the city’s “world-class academic institutions, skilled workforce, and quality of life” add to its appeal.

‘We have exciting plans for the next phase of our growth. I am hoping that a number of our current team members can remain with us and that talented colleagues can be attracted as well,’ he added.

It is expected that the move – which will take place in phases – will begin in the middle of 2025 and conclude in 2026. While they are still working in Enfield, they will also be able to visit the company’s Education Office in Boston’s Back Bay from time to time.

Newly hired employees will be based in the Boston office, where they will work in new roles.

Kodak stated that it wanted to give its employees plenty of time to plan their futures. Thus, a gradual transition will be implemented over the coming years.

There is a Lego Discovery Center located in Somerville, which is right next door to Boston and is due to reopen in spring 2023.

According to the website for the center, it is currently under renovation and is scheduled to reopen in spring 2023.

A carbon neutral facility of $1 billion is also being built by the Danish company in Virginia, with the expectation that it will be completed in 2025.


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