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Beyond Meat Executive Suspended After Biting a Man’s Nose



Beyond Meat Executive Suspended After Biting a Man's Nose

(CTN News) _ A top executive of plant-based food company Beyond Meat is facing felony battery charges after he is accused of biting a man’s nose outside a college football game.

Ramsey was also charged with making a terrorist threat after Saturday’s attack outside a University of Arkansas football game in Fayetteville.

Beyond Meat announced Tuesday that Ramsey has been suspended indefinitely.

Ramsey was angered when another driver inched in front of him in a traffic lane and made contact with Ramsey’s Ford Bronco SUV’s front passenger wheel.

After getting out of his vehicle, Ramsey punched through the other driver’s windshield.

When the driver got out of his car, Ramsey punched him. Ramsey ripped off the flesh from the other driver’s nose, according to the police report.

Witnesses and the driver reported Ramsey’s threats. The two men were separated by occupants of both vehicles.

He was released on bond for $11,085 on Sunday, according to court records. Oct. 19 is the date of a court appearance. A name of Ramsey’s attorney could not be found on Tuesday.

Last year, Ramsey joined Beyond Meat as chief operating officer after more than 30 years at Tyson Foods.

Tyson’s poultry division and McDonald’s global business were headed by him.

McDonald’s, Panda Express, and KFC are among the fast food companies he has partnered with at Beyond Meat.

Jonathan Nelson, senior vice president for manufacturing operations, will oversee the company’s operations interim.

Beyond Meat shares closed at $16.03 Tuesday, a 52-week low. Since this year’s start, shares have fallen 75%.

Due to soaring grocery bills, customers have bypassed the El Segundo-based company’s higher-priced products.

McPlant – developed with- also ended a U.S. trial recently without confirming future plans.

August saw Beyond Meat lay off 4% of its staff.

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