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100 Starbucks Stores Are On Strike For 3 Days



100 Starbucks Stores Are On Strike For 3 Days

(CTN News) – For the next three days, about 100 Starbucks stores will be on strike across the country as the union attempts to turn up the pressure on the coffee retailer in its year-long fight with the union.

There was a one-day strike held earlier in November by Starbucks Workers United on the day of the company’s “red cup day” promotion, in which they were giving out reusable holiday cups to mark the start of the winter holidays.

This is the second strike by Starbucks Workers United. So far, the union has been able to secure votes at 270 Starbucks locations, according to the union.

It is claimed by the union that this strike is to protest unfair labor practices, including the closure of stores that have voted to join the union.

This includes the first store in the company’s hometown in Seattle that voted to join the union. What the union says is that the company has refused to negotiate a contract with them initially.

There is a doubling down on their union-busting, so we are going down as well,” said Michelle Eisen, a barista at the Buffalo store that was the first to vote for the union a year ago.

“They’re doing double down, so we are doubling down too,” added Eisen. Our demand is that Starbucks bargain with us in good faith and that they hire fair staff, put an end to the closing of stores, and hire fair staff.”

In response to a request for comment, Starbucks did not respond immediately. In the past, it has defended store closures by stating that their purpose was to ensure the safety of its employees.

Additionally, the company has blamed the union for the lack of progress at the negotiating table for the lack of progress.

As of now, the union has been able to win about 80% of the union votes it has held.

Even though Starbucks has achieved success in unionizing stores, the 270 unionized stores are only a small percentage of the roughly 9,000 store locations that operates in the US under its own brand.

Starbucks was able to keep the majority of its stores open during the previous strike by using managers and staff members from other Starbucks stores located nearby to staff the stores.

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