Britons MI6 Spy Agency Hiring Hundreds of IT Tech Experts

Britons MI6 Spy Agency Hiring Hundreds of IT Tech Experts




LONDON – MI6 is seeking technology graduates to develop “world firsts” to keep Britain at the cutting edge of spying. The Secret Intelligence Service is recruiting software graduates for its IT, Science & Technical Department as it takes on hundreds more staff to counter terror and other threats.

The department’s ambitions include pushing back the barriers of invention as Q’s team of technicians did in the James Bond films, developing state-of-the-art gadgets for 007’s escapades around the world.

“To enable you to create world firsts, you’ll receive bespoke training that will further develop your software skills,” explains the job description. “The Technology Department is critical in supporting the collection of Britain’s foreign intelligence that helps protect the UK’s security and prosperity. MI6 simply could not operate without our talented technology teams.”

In a rare public appearance at a conference in Washington DC this week, MI6 boss Alex Younger said technology had changed intelligence radically.

Intelligence services that understood this would “thrive”, he added, while those that did not risked failing.

The job advertisement states: “You will be involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle … You will be developing or integrating highly sensitive systems using time critical information.”

The Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, will see its numbers increase to a little under 3,500 by 2020 from around 2,500, the BBC said, citing unidentified sources. MI6 does not disclose its staff numbers.

The graduates must be British citizens aged 21 or over to apply, with the salary ranging from £32,624 to £38,772.

Among those also being sought are more Arabic language specialists, intelligence officers and Mandarin Chinese language experts.

The Technology Department is also recruiting a global IT infrastructure engineer, a 1st line technical support analyst to provide IT support and advice to MI6 officers, a business analyst, software specialists and systems testers.

MI6, depicted by novelists as the employer of some of the most memorable fictional spies from John le Carré’s George Smiley to Ian Fleming’s James Bond, operates overseas and is tasked with defending Britain and its interests

By Nicholas Cecil – The Evening Standard

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