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Why Fab Fours Bumpers Bumpers are Better Than Stock

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So you’re thinking about upgrading your bumper. If you’re like us, you’ve had some close calls with rocks and trees that left your truck looking like it was in a demolition derby. You can’t stand the thought of getting into another accident or even worse, an insurance claim! So what kind of aftermarket bumpers are out there?

First off, let’s talk about why people upgrade their bumpers in general. The main reason is to prevent damage to the body of the vehicle which would lead to more expensive repairs than just replacing a bumper cover or hitch receiver. It also protects passengers and drivers if they were to get in an accident.

Another advantage of aftermarket bumpers is that they provide extra space for mounting lights and other accessories. Doesn’t sound like a big deal? Try installing a light bar or D-links on your stock bumper safely. Not that easy, is it?

Even if you have an older truck with real steel bumpers, they are nowhere near as tough as Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers. Everything from the materials used, to the craftsmanship will immediately tell you why they are lightyears in advance when it comes to duality.

Fab Fours Bumpers stand out

Fab Fours Bumpers

Looks-wise, there isn’t much that can compare to Fab Fours Bumpers. Their designers hit the nail on the head when creating them. They have a little bit of everything. From rugged series like the Premium to something at the top of what is possible from an aftermarket bumper, everyone’s tastes are covered. No matter if you have a Toyota or Ram 1500, there is something to make your truck stand out.

We all know that trucks are becoming safer with every passing model. It is only right you can retain factory settings. Parking sensors, cameras, and ever radar have all been incorporated in modern bumpers. The engineers have worked tirelessly to make sure all safety systems are kept and working properly.


For stock bumpers, a winch is not even in the same ballpark as installing one without damaging the OE equipment is nearly impossible. Nowadays, most Fab Fours Bumpers are built to accept your favourite with ease. This thinks outside the box mentality has helped the company reach legendary status in just 15 short years.

Some of us have an idea of where we want our trucks to stand, but getting there is often the hard part. No problem. The folks at Fab Fours help take your vision and make it a reality. Regardless of how you look at it, a custom bumper is definitely the way to go!

Final Words

If you’re interested in improving the safety of your truck or SUV, look no further than Fab Fours. We know that this is a big decision and want to make sure that you find what you need to keep yourself safe on the road.

Check out BumperStock’s wide selection of Custom bumpers today. They are sure you will find exactly what you need!

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