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Interested in Salvage Cars for Sale? What Are Salvage Cars and How to Buy One from a Car Dealer?



What Are Salvage Cars and How to Buy One from a Car Dealer?

For your next vehicle purchase, maybe you have looked online at A Better Bid (ABB) car bids

or elsewhere for salvage cars for sale. People on the internet are raving about the fantastic deals you can find on salvage cars.

But, what are salvage-titled cars? Are they a great option for you?

Today, we are going to look at exactly what salvage titles are, what they mean for you as a customer, and if they are the best fit for you. Read on to get the details on the salvage car market.

What Is a Salvage Title?

In order to understand salvage vehicles, the first thing to talk about is the process by which a vehicle is branded as “salvage.” Who gets to decide which cars are salvaged and which are not?

A salvage cars is one that has been determined to have damage that would be too costly to repair when considering the value of the car.

It could be the case that very expensive components of the car were damaged or it was a minor hail storm that left a few dings on the body.

When we talk about salvage Cars, it is typically an insurance company like Direct Auto that determines if a car will go to a salvage auction or be repaired.

They use a formula that takes into account the value of the car in its original condition before the damage and how much the repairs are estimated to cost.

What are Some of the Benefits of Purchasing Salvage Cars for Sale?

When most consumers are considering the purchase of a salvage Cars, the main benefit is the savings from buying a vehicle with a salvage title and the low capital needed to purchase it.

In some cases, you can save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by considering salvage Cars.

Another reason why some people buy salvage cars is the project element of the purchase. Salvage cars will almost always have some kind of damage that will need to be repaired.

If you buy a salvage cars, truck, SUV, or motorcycle, you will have a fun and rewarding project to work on in your free time. This could be a great way to spend time with family or just get your hands dirty on the weekend.

Finally, some people buy junk cars to harvest the parts to sell for a tidy profit.

It takes a little work, knowledge, and elbow grease, but some people can make thousands of dollars in profit by purchasing a salvage car that has extensive damage but still has lots of good, usable parts.

Where Can You Purchase Salvage Cars?

Unfortunately, salvage Cars are not like purchasing a car at a car dealer where you can just walk into a showroom and pick out your choice of cars available.

Insurance companies have auction companies like IAAI to sell salvage cars for them.

But, unlike some of the biggest auto auctions like Barret Jackson, Manheim, or Mecum, you can find some cheap cars at some of the options we have found for you.

And, like Cars and Bids and some other auction companies, you can purchase a vehicle from the comfort of your home with online bidding.

Here are some great auctions that are worth checking out.

A Better Bid

As registered Copart brokers, A Better Bid (ABB) car auctions have hundreds of thousands of salvage Cars for sale every day for you to choose from. By buying cars where dealers buy their cars, you can cut out the middlemen and save lots of money.

Auctions are held online in real-time so you can purchase a car while lounging on your couch or enjoying the sunshine on your patio. They have trucks, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, boats, and more at wholesale prices.


Established almost 70 years ago, Hemmings specializes in classic cars and parts. They are the place to shop if you are looking for hard-to-find classic cars.

Because they are one of the premiere classic car auctions, you will need some major capital for some of their offerings. A 1965 Shelby Cobra, for example, recently sold at Hemmings for $126,000.

Orlando Longwood Auto Auction

Every Friday at 8:30 AM, Orlando Longwood Auto Auction holds a live auction with hundreds of cars. You must have a dealer’s license to purchase from OLAA, but there are also brokers who may be able to help out.

Like most car auctions nowadays, OLAA has all of its auctions on the internet as well as simulcast events. So, you can browse their great selection from the privacy of your home if you choose.

Car-Tech Auto Auction

For customers in the upper northeastern US, Car-Tech Auto Auction (CTAA) holds auctions every Monday in Freehold, New Jersey.

You must have a dealer’s license to buy vehicles from CTAA, but you can try to find a broker who will help facilitate your purchase.

Most of the cars tend to be fairly late models, and some of the cars come from individual donations. You can find some great deals at CTAA, and they are sure to help you as much as possible to ensure a fantastic experience!


Now that you have all of this information at your disposal, it is up to you to decide if a salvage Cars is the best choice.

You can save thousands of dollars if you are willing to do just a little more work than the typical used car purchase experience.

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