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Taking The New Nissan Terra on a Trek Through Chiang Rai, Thailand



CHIANG RAI – Sitting right on the Myanmar-Thailand border, the quiet village of Pha Hee up on the mountainous area was awoken by the sound of the powerful new Nissan Terra.

The village known for its pristine scenery and Thai coffee was one of the destinations for the test drive of the Nissan Terra held in Chiang Rai, Thailand. Villagers stepped out of their homes to witness the vehicles as the convoy of Nissan Terra passed the village.

The test drive route covered a total distance of over 120 kilometres, starting in downtown Chiang Rai and ending in Doi Tung Royal Palace. During the drive, journalists got to interact with the Nissan Terra’s best-in-class innovative features.

On the off-road jungle track, the muddy road tested the Nissan Terra’s traction. The vehicle’s Traction Control System (TCS) helps prevents wheelspin; when wheelspin is detected, the TCS automatically reduces throttle or applies the brakes to restore grip and keep the vehicle under control and moving forward.

The vehicle’s Hill Start Assistance (HSA) system helps prevent against rolling backward when starting off a slope, while the Hill Descent Control (HDC) system helps control speed when driving down a steep slope.

The Nissan Terra conquered the curvy roads of Doi Tung mountain with ease, utilizing its power of driving up the mountain with stability in maneuvering.

The Nissan Terra is powered by YS23DDTT diesel in line, DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) Twin Turbo Intercooler, 2,298 cc. with direct fuel injection. The maximum power is 190HP while the maximum torque is 450Nm, offering better acceleration with a smooth yet powerful drive.

The seven-speed automatic with M mode transmission system offers the Nissan Terra more power. The Intelligent 4×4 (I4x4) Mode Rotor Switch with electronic locking rear differential provides support to handle any terrain.

The vehicle also comes equipped with the shift-on-the-fly enabling the driver to change the mode from two-wheel drive (2H) to four-wheel (4H) to safely ride on slippery road conditions. The low range four-wheel drive (4LO) mode, meanwhile, is for navigating through deep sand and mud; crossing water; climbing rocks; and ascending and descending hills.

The group was also given a glimpse of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility concept, which offers Intelligent Driving technology that enhances safety for all passengers.

This is evident in the Nissan Terra’s Intelligent Around View Monitor (IAVM) giving the driver a complete view of all angles around the vehicle to easily navigate through tight areas. This is possible through a virtual bird’s-eye view from above the vehicle, allowing the driver to park with confidence.

The Moving Object Detection (MOD) system monitors and alerts the driver to any moving objects or people. The system uses cameras to detect moving objects around the vehicle when parking or slowly maneuvering. It then provides visual and audio alerts to the driver. The four-camera system can alert the driver in three scenarios: while parked or in neutral; moving forward; and backing up.

Regarding handling blind spots, the Nissan Terra’s Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention (IBSW) system recognises when another vehicle is travelling in the driver’s blind spot and signals its presence using indicator lights found on either side view mirror on the A-pillar. The driver is alerted to other vehicles by flashing indicators and audio alerts.

The 93.4km test drive on the road which lasted for over two hours came to a conclusion by late afternoon.

Peter Galli, Vice President of Communications at Nissan Motor Thailand Co Ltd, in an interview said that “the Nissan Terra has received pretty good response after its launch. Despite the vehicle not being available for test drive, we have already seen some 2,000 prospects already. It’s a true off-road and on-road vehicle for families. It’s full of security features to make sure that families are safe. This is a vehicle that can take you anywhere.

“The entire production of the Nissan Terra is in Thailand and we are confident that we have the capacity to meet the global demand for it.”

He added, “The media is very important to us in Nissan. We are happy that the media could join us in this test drive event because we are producing the cars across the markets in Southeast Asia.”

By James Kon

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