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Lucid Air; Reversing Or Bricking? Lucid Air EV Must Be It



Lucid Air; Reversing Or Bricking? Lucid Air EV Must Be It

(CTN News) – After much anticipation, the Lucid Air EV has finally been released, and owners who paid as much as $150,000 or more are enjoying the benefits of electrification.

Additionally, their new sedans are bricked. Not only that, but there’s more. Other problems are causing complaints to be lodged with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Lucid Air owners: what do they think?

As a result of the issues, Insider interviewed about 20 owners. The majority of EV owners who experience glitches with their cars are satisfied with them. In most cases, these issues are considered mere inconveniences. How can you smile when their cars go forward even though they are in reverse?

Lucid Air owners are facing an increasing number of issues. Reports have surfaced of drive-system problems, assorted battery problems, and unexpected instances of “Turtle Mode.” Basically, this is when the car shuts down to protect itself.

Are these glitches being handled by Lucid Air?

There have been 19 over-the-air software updates issued by Lucid this year alone. Until January 1, it expects to send out 14 additional updates. As for the bricking and glitching issues, Lucid Air is repairing each car individually. Repairs take weeks in some cases. To prevent further inconvenience, we’re assuming a loaner car is provided.

Lucid, for its part, has remained silent. By addressing the problems publicly, the problems become more visible. However, not addressing it looks dishonest. It is common for owners to feel they are not receiving all the information they need. In this regard, Lucid Air treads carefully.

This all adds to the bumpy ride the company is currently experiencing. Prices were substantially raised in March. According to Business Insider, two of its top manufacturing team members and four other top management executives left the company in September.

Lucid is seeing more production?

In some cases, Lucid has been unable to ramp up its production, which may be one of the reasons for these departures. According to the company, 20,000 Air units would be produced. This number was lowered to between 12,000 and 14,000 in February. A revised production number was released by CEO Peter Rawlinson in September.

“We’re overhauling our logistics processes and making improvements in order to simplify the system while increasing its efficiency and robustness,” he said. 6,000 to 7,000 cars is a very balanced and realistic guide for the year, I believe.”

It might be true, but investors and customers were expecting more. Lucid has had ample time to begin and refine production, especially since it has had so much time. According to recent estimates, delivery takes four to five months from confirmation.


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