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Is ISUZU D-MAX Good Enough to Make People Forget About Other Pick-up Trucks?

2021 isuzu d-max
2021 isuzu d-max

In Thailand, the ALL NEW ISUZU D-MAX is a highly popular pickup truck. Due to the car’s design, which includes a fuel-efficient engine and excellent after-sales service. As a result, the ISUZU D-MAX pickup truck is a popular choice among Thais looking to purchase a pickup truck.

Is the all-new Isuzu D-Max good enough to make people forget about other pick-up trucks and flip the segment on its head? Is it truly capable of out-trucking the Toyota Hilux Rogue, Mitsubishi Triton Athlete, and Ford Ranger Wildtrak? All clues go in one direction, but first, let’s dive in!

Exterior that Commands Attention

Pick-up trucks have a history of being intimidating, so if one arrives in your rearview, you best be getting out of its way. With its sharp-looking headlights and DRLs that make it look like a cobra attempting to sting its victim, the D-front Max’s design amps up that frightening aspect to 11. It’s difficult to differ much in terms of exterior appearance when it comes to pick-up trucks. The core structure remains mostly unchanged, leaving manufacturers with only the front-end design to differentiate themselves. The D-Max, on the other hand, makes a huge impression.

And, yeah, D-Max pulls it off admirably. With a ground clearance of 240 mm and a water wading depth of 800 mm. The design of the 18-inch wheels, which may not be to everyone’s taste, is a more subjective topic. It’s mostly unobtrusive and blends in nicely with the rest of the D-Max’s appearance.

D-Max had a dominating road presence. A large gaping grille is flanked by ‘fangs’ and a pair of unique LED daytime running lights on the front end. With the fang-like front grille design and the fact that it’s a high-riding vehicle, you’d be able to spot it coming from a kilometre away and move aside without giving it a second thought.

Interior that speaks for itself

Some people had a chance to sample the car when it was launched. Among the things that they raved about was the interior. That sentiment remains very much the same. This interior is day and night from its utilitarian predecessor’s scratchy, dull effort.

Where do we start? The black and brown colour combination just oozes class, and all the materials adorning the door cards, dashboard or armrest feel high-quality and plush. Seriously, a pick-up truck has no right to feel this premium.

The seats, in particular, deserve special notice because they are ideal even for people of a bigger size, the seats are soft and comfortable, with plenty of support. It supports and comforts you in all the right areas. These, dare we say, are the greatest seats in any pickup truck.  When you combine this with the D-Max’s ideal sized steering wheel (both in terms of rim thickness and diameter), you’ve got a car that’s a breeze to live with.

Features and Powertrains

Then you get to the major controls and switches. Yes, it’s high-quality and has a pleasing heaviness to it. The instrument panel is likewise well-designed and easy to see, with e-LUMAX red-on-white dials and a 4.2-inch multi-info display (MID).

A 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capability takes care of all your entertainment demands. This is connected to an eight-speaker system that, while not quite audiophile-quality, is adequate for its intended purpose and no worse than its competitors.

With two engines available, the D-Max offers buyers a choice of wanting to pay less road tax or to get more power and torque. The D-Max comes with a plethora of features.

  • Electrically adjustable driver’s seat
  • Remote engine start
  • Automatic headlamp levelling
  • Tailgate assist
  • ADAS suite (FCW, AEB, ACC, AHB, LDW)
  • 7 airbags

The engine and transmission combination also has a laid-back attitude when it comes to delivering grunt. Gearshifts are likewise handled in a seamless manner, slurring very imperceptibly between ratios, in line with the D-Max’s overall smoothness. You’d be hard pressed to find fault with this 3.0-litre engine’s lack of power. It goes without saying that an Isuzu D-Max can handle driving off the usual road.

Top-notch driving experience

The driving position is comfortable and ergonomic. The pedals are adequately spaced, and the steering wheel is not awkwardly misaligned. The steering is quite responsive and combined with an excellent turning circle, the truck is ideal around multi-storey carparks and tight parking lots The steering is light, which is ideal for low-speed city driving. The D-Max maintains its calm even at higher speeds, tracking straight and accurate. Driving long distances would not be a problem.


ALL-NEW ISUZU D-MAX is a unique pickup truck with a spacious and comfortable interior, safety system and various options are fully supplied The engine is available in both 1.9 -3.0 litre diesel engines to choose from according to suitability and responsiveness. The acceleration is good enough for use. The suspension is soft and absorbs the force well. You can forget about the idea of a pick-up truck being utilitarian and simple once you step inside the D-Max since the quality and feel of the cabin is very premium.


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