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How to Buy Car Insurance



How to Buy Car Insurance

Buying a car for yourself and your family is an exciting moment in your life. A car makes daily life so much easier. You don’t have to worry about taking public transport from one place to the other. Cars are also great when you want to spend some quality time with your family and go on a wonderful road trip. You need to ensure that you are always alert while driving the car and should take all the precautions necessary to keep your car and yourself safe with car insurance.

Steps to Buy a New Car Insurance Policy

The Indian government has made it mandatory for all car owners to get a valid car insurance policy. Car insurance policy ensures that you are protected against financial damages that may arise in case of any emergency like an accident or breakdown. A car insurance policy becomes your safety net. Read on to know how you can get a new car insurance policy and safeguard yourself against damages.

Step 1- Extensive research

You need to research what kind of insurance policy would suit your situation the best and then move on to whether that policy is the one for you. Things to look out for while researching for a new car insurance policy are the premium payable, the coverage it provides, and the customer service quality of the provider.

Step 2- Finalise the type of insurance

There are different types of insurance policies available to choose from. The most common ones are third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. You need to take a decision on which type suits you the best based on the research you have done. Third-party insurance only protects you against third-party damages while a comprehensive insurance policy gives you total protection.

Step 3- Documentation

To apply for new car insurance there are certain documents that you need to submit along with the insurance firm. These documents act as proof of ownership and residence which help the insurance company to verify you. Some of these documents are – Vehicle Registration Certificate, any National Identity proof, car insurance form, etc.

Step 4- Apply for insurance

You can apply for new car insurance through both online and offline means. You can get an insurance policy from the comfort of your home if you choose online. You will have to log into the company’s website and fill out the details. For offline, you will need to go to the insurance provider’s branch.

Step 5- Choose Add-ons and make the payment

You can further optimize your insurance policy by adding add-ons that provide coverage in specific situations. You will also have to decide on an IDV (insured declared value) at this stage. After you do this, the last step would be to pay for the new car insurance policy, and voila! You can now enjoy all the benefits of car insurance.

With valid car insurance, you can enjoy driving stress-free! Once you get a new car insurance policy you need to ensure that you pay the premiums on time and renew it on time to continue enjoying the various perks it provides! To know more about insurance, click here.

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