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GM Thailand Enters Eco Car Phase 2 Program

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Marcos Purty, the new managing director of GM Thailand
Marcos Purty, the new managing director of GM Thailand


BANGKOK – General Motors Thailand has announced that it will submit an application to Thailand Board of Investment to join its Eco Car Phase 2 program.

In a statement Tuesday, Managing Director, Marcos Purty, said the company’s intent to develop a new Chevrolet car for production in Thailand was well aligned with the objective of the Eco Car program.

He said by submitting the application, GM reaffirmed its commitment to invest in Thailand and make Rayong a strategic hub for global exports.

“Additionally, this investment will bolster our long-term commitment to the excellent regional supplier network,” he said.

The program calls for car-makers in Thailand to build an all-new vehicle that is fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly, safe, and low cost, for sale throughout the region by the end of the decade.

Eco cars are expected to use many locally-produced components, including power-train parts.

The company will reveal further details on a later date.

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