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Ford Thailand Sued by More than 400 Angry Buyer Who Say Cars Defective and Sub-Standard

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Owners of Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus in Thailand protest outside of Ford Sales & Services (Thailand) Co Ltd in Bangkok.


BANGKOK – Owners of Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus cars yesterday filed a joint lawsuit against Ford Sales & Services (Thailand) Co Ltd accusing the car company of selling sub-standard and defective cars to them, of irresponsibiity to the safety of customers.

The action from 50 car owners who claimed to act on behalf of more than 400 owners of the two models of Ford cars came after their complaints to the car company and relevant state agencies produced no progresses.

They demanded 24 million baht in compensation for the defective and sub-standard cars.

The lawsuit was filed by their lawyer to the Bangkok South Civil Court.

A leader of the Ford customers Mr Kobsak Noomnoi said that the reason that they had to resort to the justice system after Ford refused to compromise and to talk with customers to end the problem.

He said owners of the two models of Ford cars have to risk their lives driving the sub-standard cars which have so many defectives.

Defectives they have found and suffered included fire in engine room, gear system, overheat, unusual sound from engine.

He also said significant parts, such as steering wheels, brakes, conveyor belts, shock absorbers and radiators, worn out unusually faster than other cars.

Ford owners in Thailand arent the only customers to file lawsuits over claims of faulty workmanship, Ford Motor Company was hit with a class action lawsuit in California by customers alleging that some model years of the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus come with an automatic transmission that is defective and potentially dangerous.

While in Canada the Ministry of Transport is investigating a “significant” number of concerns over Ford Focus and Fiesta models after owners reported their cars acted erratically, in some cases jerking forward or stopping suddenly.

The complaints focus on Ford’s best-selling model in the world — the 2012-2015 Ford Focus along with 2011-2015 Fiestas.

Source: Thai PBS

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