BMW's Fully Electric IX1 Is Unlikely To Arrive In The United States


BMW’s Fully Electric iX1 is Unlikely To Arrive In The United States



(CTN News) _ According to reports, the BMW X1 crossover will not be offered in the US in an electric version, the iX1.

Regensburg plant produces both the iX1 and the third-generation X1, which were revealed earlier this year.

Since the ICE equivalent of the iX1 has been sold stateside since 2012, many expected it to be available here.

According to Car Scoops, BMW’s X1 xDrive28i is the only model currently planned for the US.

BMW Blog seemingly killed all hope for a US launch of the iX1. This outlet, which is generally very reliable for all things, stated the following.

A follow-up article further emphasized the point:

BMW has not yet explicitly commented on the matter, but based on the above, we believe that the iX1 will not be offered in either the United States or Canada.

It is a pity, since the electric crossover has impressive specifications and would have been a good replacement for the recently discontinued BMW i3.

There will be an iX1 launch in Europe this fall, with prices starting at €55,000 ($55,090) in Germany.

Currently, only the iX1 XDrive30 is available, which can reach 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds with a 272-mile WLTP range.

With its dual-motor AWD system, the iX1 XDrive30 produces 313 horsepower. In 2023, a cheaper FWD version of the iX1 is expected to be released.

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