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7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Car Accident Lawyer



7 Questions to Ask Your Potential Car Accident Lawyer

Many people believe a car crash won’t happen to them. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when so many accidents happen yearly. And when over 1.9 million of those accidents result in an injury, you may need help when trying to get a settlement to help with your recovery.

Hiring a great car accident lawyer is essential if you want the results you deserve after your car wreck.

Ask the seven questions below when interviewing your car accident attorney options to ensure you find the perfect lawyer for the job. It is important to know how much can be recovered from a car accident.

1. Do You Specialize in Car Accidents?

It’s hard to find a lawyer with expertise in several law fields. Each is unique and has unique traits that are hard to know if you don’t have specialized experience.

That means you can’t afford to work with a lawyer who doesn’t have experience with personal injuries. Even in the personal injury field, you’ll find people specializing in specific injury types.

Ask about a lawyer’s specific expertise when hiring an attorney. You want your lawyer to have plenty of experience handling and winning car accident cases.

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2. How Do You Handle Fees?

Some car accident lawyer cases will be open and shut. Hiring an attorney with an hourly rate won’t be a big issue because your fees won’t be too high.

However, not every case will be that way. Some cases can drag on for some time, so you’ll pay a small fortune to hire your lawyer.

If you’re in this situation, ask if a lawyer will work on a contingency. That means you won’t pay any money upfront or if you don’t win your case. You’ll pay your lawyer a percentage of your settlement amount.

This will help you get the legal support you need to win your case without worrying about money.

3. Will You Handle My Case?

You’ll work with the lawyer you speak with in most cases when you work with a smaller large firm. But that may not be the case if the firm is more prominent.

Larger firms often use bigger names for advertising and speaking with clients before signing. Those cases then get passed to associates in the law firm.

There’s nothing wrong with this practice, but you need to know if this will happen before working with a lawyer. You need to know who you’ll work with on your case and vet that person.

accident claims lawyer

4. What Do You Expect From Me?

Some attorneys require different things from their clients. Some will take on the bulk of the work to give clients the space to take things easy. Others will require more from their clients and keep them more involved in the process.

You need to understand what your role will be before you hire a lawyer. If you plan on letting an attorney handle everything while you recover from your crash, you don’t want to end up handling too of work because of your case.

Make sure you find an attorney that will meet your work expectations.

5. How Long Will My Case Take

You may not know what it will take to win your case when starting. Accident law can get complex depending on where you live and your insurance provider.

Some cases can take a few weeks, while others may take months.

You may also find that some lawyers will give you different timeframes when asking this question.

When looking at the answers, see the details a lawyer talks about and why they believe your case will take a certain amount of time.

You can use this information to learn more about your case and how much time it should take for a lawyer to resolve things.


6. Do You Have References?

Even if a car accident lawyer does a great job answering your interview questions, that still doesn’t mean they can handle the job.

You can only learn so much directly from a lawyer. If you want to get the information a lawyer won’t tell you, it pays to talk to previous clients.

Ask a lawyer if they can provide references from previous clients. You can speak with those clients to learn what the experience is actually like with an attorney.

Even if an attorney can handle the job, you may learn some things that are deal breakers in your eyes.

You want to have a great experience working with someone, so you’ll need to understand the pitfalls of an attorney before you make a choice.

7. How Do You Handle Communication?

The last thing you want to happen is to be unable to reach your attorney when you have questions about your case.

Unfortunately, not every lawyer is great at communicating, despite being in a people-focused profession.

Ask a lawyer how they communicate when interviewing them for the job. Do they work with phone calls, text messages, or emails?

What’s the maximum amount of time you can expect to wait to get a response from your lawyer?

Of course, there may be times when there’s a lull in your case when you won’t have much going on.

However, you should still get regular updates from your attorney. See how often your attorney will update you to ensure you’re always in the loop.

Don’t Settle for the First Car Accident Lawyer You Find

You can’t afford to lose a settlement when you need help after a severe car accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always provide what you need, and some car accident attorneys can’t do the job well.

Make sure you ask the questions above when talking to a car accident lawyer from to ensure they know how to get results.

Do you want to read more tips that will help with other common situations in life? Check out more posts on the blog to find what you need.

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