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2012 Ford Ranger Test Drive in Chiangrai



The all New 2012 Ford Ranger Crew Cab

The streets in Chiang Rai Thailand, In a city this cool air, the All New Ford Ranger is ready to show bravery and toughness in the event Test Drive All New Ranger. The team test drive of yesterday look so tired already very fit and ready for greatness All New Ford Ranger.

But wait, before testing the performance car type double cabin is the team first had to listen to a brief exposition of the wonders of machinery and design and modern features of the car All New Ranger. On this occasion also attended Engineering and Design Team Ford, James Henderson, Davit Dewitt and Stephen Presser.

Good said, in 5 years Ford will issue 8 will try out the newest generation of the global market. One of these eight are the All New Ford Ranger. After giving a little glimpse of the wonders of the United States automobile manufacturers, the participants invited to test drive this car look macho body before attempting welcome along the way Chiang Rai.

FORD Group Phils. president Randy Krieger (center) joins a team of motoring journalists in the launch of the new Ford Ranger in Chiang Rai, Thailand, last week.

Increasingly unstoppable curiosity when seeing a car that has a length of 5359 millimeters and 1850 millimeters wide.

Test drive this time it will take several fields ranging from paved roads, the hills are also the flow of rivers with a total length of 145 km journey. The route is 37.9 miles from SUAL Huao Sai Khao which is a paved road, then head 36.5 miles Charin Garden Resort is also still the asphalt road. Proceed 24.5 miles to where the coffee is known as dol Chaang Coffee, where the road began to mix concrete, asphalt and soil solid and slightly uphill along the 6.6 km and the last split pine forests before eventually crossing the river flows along the Huai San Water 33 , 9 miles

Entourage test drive beginning to explore Chiang Rai. EAll New Ranger double cabin 4×4 diesel 2200 cc automatic. This car was designed very wide which makes us comfortable in it. Not to mention the various features, which are given to make us really enjoy to ride in all fields. Before you hit the gas pedal, trying detikOto music through voice control feature. And wow, the bass and music fusion is very pronounced. Creating a more burning zeal driven. Luckily the road today is not too crowded. So the procession participants can test drive the car in drive maximum speed.

Uphill while enjoying the beautiful sights of the hill is the experience that will never be paid while driving in the hills of Chiang Rai. Not to mention the dashing looks familiar with the fields we’ve been through. Right at the top of the mountain, Ford Ranger convoy back to rest while enjoying a coffee at Doi Chang Coffee. In this place we can also see how the process of drying coffee beans. After warm up, we moved on to the pine forest. This time the path traveled a path that at some point in a state of flabby and a bit rocky.

This car is also equipped with a manual shift transfer. It lies in the middle, just behind the gear lever. Simply press, you can position them at the 2H 4H or 4L. After inhaling the cool air in the middle of a pine forest, motorcade sped back toward the river. Before getting to the destination, we passed the dry dirt road that leaves the dust when a car crossed the pick the fuel tank capacity of 80 liters with the distance of more than 1,000 km.

Meet the descent marks the river began to close. Yes, when the river flow which looks pretty cool one at a car crossing.

“Be careful, concentration,” re-sounded from the walkie talkie. Session crossing this river, as well as closed circuit test drive the all-new Ford Ranger for today. Motorcade was speeding back toward the Hotel Le Merridian. Travel approximately 5 hours this really prove valor Ford Ranger. Unfortunately, his greatness is not tested fully considering the field test drives are not too many obstacles.

At the end of the trip today, Good added that according to Ford’s motto, Feel The Difference, is still a Ranger presence in the hearts of consumers.

As per our motto Feel The Difference, every product that we launched kuliatas have a good, modern design, and good fuel quality, and safety, and smart. Of course with the advantages and benefits of the new Ranger, we are assured of getting a place in the hearts of our customers during this time.

Specifications Ford Ranger

  • Manual Transmission 6 / Automatic
  • Capabilities across the water as deep as 800 millimeters
  • 3.2 liter diesel
  • 2.2 liters of diesel
  • 2.5 liter for premium

3 new machine:

  • Duratord five-cylinder diesel engine 3.2 liter TDCi, 470 Nm of torque, power 147 kW (200 PS), fuel consumption is 8.4 / 100 miles (11.9 km / L) at 9.6 l/100 sampao 4×2 variants miles (10.4 km / L) on the model 484 Wildtrack
  • Duratord four-cylinder diesel engine 2.2-liter TDCi, 375 Nm of torque, power 110 kw. For Single Can 4×2, 2.2 liter engine fuel consumption 7.6 / 100L (13.2 km / L).
  • Four-cylinder gasoline engine Ford Duratec 2.5-liter, 226 Nm of torque, tenga 122 kw, fuel consumption 9.8 l/100


  • Color screen 4.2 “
  • Automatic lights and rain sensing wipers
  • Audio and cruise control buttons on the wheel including volume, radio and bluetooth with voice control system.
  • Cruise Control buttons allow the driver to set and control the speed
  • Having lots of places to save, such as under the front air bag that can carry dashboard 16-inch laptop.
  • Then the store under the seat when folded
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program) which uses sophisticated sensors to continuously monitor the path of the vehicle with the path you want to go riders.

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