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The Most Gorgeous Flowers That Will Actually Last



The Most Gorgeous Flowers That Will Actually Last

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? A bouquet of flowers is the best way to brighten a room, send someone you love a gift to show you care, or a wonderful centerpiece at a dinner party! But how do you make them last? What if your fresh bouquet could last a year? Yes, a year! Venus Et Fleur offers long-lasting, chic bouquets that you can enjoy month after month!

How do the flowers last a year?

The Venus Et Fleur Eternity® Flowers are cultivated in full bloom in South America. Flowers are picked at perfection and then shipped to the Venus Et Fleur facility. They are then dehydrated, soaked in the special formula of silica and wax, and dyed to a variety of colors. The roses are then arranged by in-house designers for the perfect individualized arrangement! This process creates flawless flowers and preserves them so their beauty lasts and becomes the perfect gift!

How do you care for Venus Et Fleur to make sure they last?

Aside from Venus Et Fleur Eternity® flowers long life, they are also low maintenance! You do not have to water the flowers or add any flower food like typical bouquets. To maintain their fresh color, you need to keep them from direct light exposure and keep the arrangement at room temperature. The bouquets are perfectly arranged in gorgeous hat boxes or flawless acrylic boxes so there is no need to remove them from their containers! Another great feature is this company’s customer service. If any damage to your arrangement occurs during delivery, you can contact them within the first 48 hours of delivery!

What types of bouquets are available?

There so many arrangements and varieties that are perfect for any event or occasion! You can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, sets, and even patterned prints and can be found through flowers same day delivery Sidney.

Large Round

From Venus Et Fleur’s classic collection, there are so many sizes and colors to choose from! You can select from eleven different box colors and twenty-three different colored roses. The large round arrangement comes with thirty-nine to forty-two flowers. This arrangement is perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or the perfect thank you message! The website also has a design feature where arrangements can be made for an individual touch!

Bundle Sets

For those looking for something different from a typical bouquet, the bundle sets are perfect! Each bundle set allows you to select three pieces for your arrangement. You have your choice between the timeless mini rounds, the fragrant votives, or mini squares. The scented candles are a wonderful touch to this piece and the mini arrangements are the icing on the cake! There are also various shapes, colors, and scents for the bundle sets to choose from. The bundle sets are perfect for graduation, congratulatory, or sympathy gifts!

Print Collection

The print collection may be the most unique gifts available from Venus Et Fleur’s collections! These sets allow you to select fun, textured arrangements! You can select a sophisticated marble case or go for a more youthful look with Papillon or Evil Eye boxes as well as selecting patterns in the roses with various colors. You can select a heart design, money symbol, or a sophisticated two-toned bouquet.

So Much More Than Flowers!

Venus Et Fleur has so many gift ideas! Room fragrances are perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere in your home or event! The signature scented candles are wonderful for a more intimate aura. They even have bridal bouquets! The timeless bridal bouquets are perfect for the bride who wants her bouquet from her special day to last!

Those looking for gorgeous flower arrangements that remain flawless month after month should look no further!

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