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Why advertise with Our Chiang Rai Times

We offer better targeting. Our advertising can target specific demographics that are traditionally more difficult to reach through other mediums. This allows advertisers to more effectively reach smaller, niche audiences, including those in specific geographical areas.

Newspaper readers are the first to buy a new product or service among family and friends

When it comes to building momentum for a new brand or product, appealing to early adopters can be critical. Those early adopters read newspapers.

The research included in NewsMediaWork’s Quarterly Report, shows that 75% of those who are the first in their social network to try a new product are newspaper readers.

Further, readers are 30% more likely to discuss products advertised with friends and family, and go online for more information, according to a report published in Admap magazine.

Why You Should Invest in Sponsored Content

Most marketing campaigns these days combine inbound and outbound strategies. A regular blog, an active social media campaign, and savvy SEO coexist with mobile and banner ads, print advertisements, and maybe even a direct mail promotion, depending on your business.

Sponsored content combines elements of both. Much like a blog or an article on your website, sponsored content provides useful information that aims to engage the reader early in the buying journey.

Yes, you have to pay for it, but as blogs flood the internet and social media marketing becomes less effective thanks to ever-changing algorithms, it’s definitely worth considering as part of your annual marketing budget.

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