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Map of Chiangrai City

Chiang Rai is a delightful city nestled in the picturesque Mae Kok River


Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northern province was part of the Lanna Kingdom, founded by King Mengrai, and is becoming an ever more important region of Thailand.

Chiang Rai Province is more of a central point for day trips than an attraction of itself. Although a local temple was once a temporary home of the revered Emerald Buddha. Chiang Rai has accommodations in all price ranges from 5 star resorts to humble guest houses.

Chiangrai is one of the most inexpensive cities in the country. Recent quotes from the major first class hotels in Chiangrai have rooms at below 1,000 Baht per night, and some even offer free use of their gymnasiums, saunas, jacuzzi’s and sports facilities. Both hotels and tour agencies also offer day trips to the outer areas of Chiangrai Province and into Myanmar (Burma) at reasonable rates. The cost, of course, is always a consideration, but the other is what can we do there on a weekend.

Chiangrai City might just be the perfect balance between city fun and countryside scenery. In addition to hotel facilities, Chiangrai has a wide variety of excellent dining. German, Italian, French, and of course Thai foods are available at specialty restaurants, and even a few “American-style” fast food restaurants are beginning to crop up. Add to the dining, the nightly entertainment at beer pubs, hotel lounges and a few choice clubs, and you’ll find that Chiangrai has plenty for you to do on a weekend away from home.

Daytime in Chiangrai provides you with a whole range of other activities. There is the temple walk ; the various spots along the Kok River , which flows through the city; the King Mengrai Monument on the eastern edge of Chiangrai; and the City Navel Pillar on the west. For sports enthusiasts there are also the hotel gyms, tennis facilities, golfing, and bicycling. Chiangrai is the perfect setting for those who like to pedal.


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