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Strict Orders Issued for Travellers Entering Chiang Rai Province

The Governor has issued an executive order that ‘everyone entering Chiang Rai province will have to wear a face mask. They will also undergo...

Chiang Rai Governor Reopens Mekong Ports for Cargo Shipments

Thailand has reopened four ports on the Mekong River that had been closed since March 21 due to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. These ports...

Foreigners Arrested in Phuket for Partying During Emergency Decree

Nine foreigners were arrested in Phuket for allegedly using drugs and partying in violation of the emergency decree. Three British men, an American man, an...

Air Quality in Northern Thailand at Very Unsafe Levels Due to WildFires

The Pollution Control Department has reported very unsafe air quality levels were reported in nine northern provinces on Wednesday.  Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Kamphaeng...

60 Year-old Briton Dies after Crashing his Motorized Parasail

A 60 year-old Briton was killed after his motorized parasail developed engine trouble and he plunged to the ground in Pattaya. The tragic accident...

Drunken Man Discovers Abandoned Baby Girl in Northern Thailand

Thai society has historically had a problem with abandonment of children. Abandonment stems from many problems, including; undesired pregnancies out of wedlock; family problems and more.

Governor Orders Air Transport to Phuket Airport Shutdown

The Governor of Phuket has ordered transport to Phuket Airport shut down after earlier ordering land and marine transport halted. Air transport will be...

Thai Health Department Reports 136 New Coronavirus Cases

Thailand's health department has reported 136 new coronavirus cases as of Monday March, 30th, 2020. Raising the total number of infections to 1,524. Infections...

Five Year-old Girl Stabbed to Death by Released Convict

A woman convicted of stabbed 4 girls 14 years ago has turned herself into a local police station after stabbed a 5 year-old girl....

Convicts Escape from Prison During Riot in Northeastern Thailand

Thai authorities have reported 5 inmates have escaped from a prison, in Thailand’s northeastern province of Buri Ram. after about 100 prisoners staged a...

Travellers Cooperate with Health Checkpoints in Chiang Rai

Today is the fifth day since the state of emergency, was declared in Chiang Rai by the government to limit the spread of COVID-19....

Last Flight to Thailand “If I Die from Covid-19, I Want to Die in My Country”

“If I die, I want to die in my country,” said Chinana Dotkhruea, a 66-year-old Thai national who had been in Singapore.

Northern Thailand’s Air Quality and PM2.5 Dust at Toxic Levels

The Prime Minister has asked the elderly and children to avoid going outside because of the smoke and poor Air Quality.

Thailand Economy: Analysts Expect Continued Growth In Southeast Asia

World travelers know that the economy of each country is unique and it usually represents the quality of life that is present at any...

Deadly African Virus Kills 42 Racehorses in Northeastern Thailand

"Veterinarian in Thailand suspect the deaths are from the African horse sickness, movement of all horses has been banned"

Thai Police Setup State of Emergency Covid-19 Checkpoints

The police Covid-19 checkpoints have been set up after the government has declared state of emergency. In order to enforce tougher measures to control the coronavirus outbreak.

Health Department Minister in Hot Seat for Criticizing Medical Staff

"We're not happy with some health department staff who do not take good care of themselves. They should have set an example for others"

Forest Fires Create Toxic Levels of Air Quality in Northern Thailand

Intensifying forest fires in northern Thailand have sent PM2.5 air quality levels to toxic levels especially in Chiang Mai Province. In some areas air...

Thailand’s Bangkok Bank’s Electronic Banking System Crashes

Thailand's Bangkok Bank's electronic internet banking system crashed on Wednesday due to a flurry of small-ticket transactions. The bank detected a failure across its...

Thailand’s Banks to Remain Open During State of Emergency

The Bank of Thailand and other financial institutions said on Wednesday they would keep as many branches open as possible to ensure business can...

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