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passenger van

Police Busted for Using Passengers Van for Beach Party

Senior police officers in northeastern Thailand are searching for answers on how a police passenger van and a group of officers ended up at...

Road Raged Driver Arrested after Shooting Passenger Van Driver

A passenger van driver in Southern Thailand was wounded after a road-rage man fired at him claiming the van had cut in front him....

1 Dead, 10 Injured in Southern Thailand After Passenger Van Crashes

A woman is dead and 10 others injured when a Passenger crashed into a ditch in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand. The passenger...

Passenger Van Crashes into Parked Water Truck Killing Passenger

A passenger van has rear-ended a parked water truck killing one passenger and injuring 11 passengers in southern Thailand. The crash occurred on Hat...

Passenger Van Crashes into Roadside Pavilion Injuring 13 People

Thirteen people have been injured after a passenger van crashed into a roadside pavilion in northeastern Thailand late Monday night. The crash occurred on...

Nine Injured in Northern Thailand After Passenger Van Crashes into Tree

The first day of New Year 7 dangerous days started on Friday, resulting in 43 deaths in road accidents.

Truck Crashes in Passenger Van in Phuket Injuring Five Tourists

The van, was taking five Turkish tourists from Patong beach to downtown Phuket for shopping. The passenger van was badly damaged in the front

Passenger Van Rams into Truck Trailer, Killing Driver, Injuring 6 Students

Police also believe the passenger van driver might had probably dozed off, consequently causing his van to hit the truck.

Students Killed after Driver Crashes Van into Rear of Freight Truck

Three vocational students have been killed when the passenger van crashed into the rear of a freight truck, Tuesday. The three students were on...

Passenger Van and Toyota Collided “Head On” Killing 5 Injuring 7

Don't Drive Drunk Foundation, said public passenger vans which are more than 10 years old should be taken off the road.

Eleven Killed, Four Injured After Passenger Van Crashes into Freight Truck

Eleven people were killed and four injured when a passenger van collided with an 18-wheel truck in eastern Thailand.

Passenger Van Crashes into Rear of Freight Truck Injuring Six Tourists

Rescue workers managed to retrieve all six injured tourist from the passenger van. Among them were a Taiwanese man and a girl, aged five years old.

Passenger Van Crashes into Tree Killing Two and Injuring Eight

CHIANG RAI - A passenger van bound for Chiang Rai has run off the road and crashed into a tree, Killing two passengers and...

Five Tourists Injured After Passenger Van Read Ends of Freight Truck in Central Thailand

PATTAYA - Five tourists who had just arrived for a holiday in Thailand from India were injured when the passenger van they were in...

Wildlife Sanctuary Officials Track Wild Elephant Hit by Speeding Passenger Van

CHACHOENGSAO - Ang Rua Nai Wildlife Sanctuary officials in the Chachoengsao forest park have located a wild elephant with a leg injury, suspected to...

Passenger Van Crashes into Wild Elephant in South Central Thailand, Killing Two, Injuring Nine

BANGKOK - Two passengers have been killed and nine others injured, eight badly, after a passenger van carrying them for a "thod krathin" merit-making...

Two Dead, 10 Injured after Van Driver Crashes into Back of Freight Truck in Northeastern Thailand

  UDON THANI - Two people were killed and 10 others were injured when their passenger van smashed into a lorry with a trailer in...

13 Chinese Tourists Injured in Passenger Van Crash in Phuket

- PHUKET - Thirteen Chinese tourists were injured, nine seriously, when a passenger van they travelling from the Phuket airport to a hotel in Phangnga...

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