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Thai Police Bust Nigerian Man Over Bt200 Million Romance Scam

Thailand's Crime Suppression police have arrested a 44 year-old Nigerian man and 5 Thai over a Bt200 million romance scam. Crime suppression police search...

Nigerian Man Busted in Phuket Selling Crystal Meth, Cocaine and Ecstasy

Police in Phuket have arrested a Nigerian man for selling crystal meth, cocaine and ecstasy as he was allegedly making a delivery to customers...

Nigerian Man Arrested For Racketeering and Money-Laundering

The Nigerians crime were linked and led to the arrest of a Thai woman who withdrew cash to wire to other gang members. Police were able to zero in on five Nigerians, including Ezims, and five Thais.

Nigerian Man Arrested for Punching a Bangkok Police Officer

He threw a punch intending to hit the landlord and accidentally hit the police officer, who jumped in between.

Nigerian Busted for Conspiracy and Fraud for Running “Romance Scam.”

BANGKOK - Thailand's Immigration police have arrested a 38 year-old Nigerian man for conspiracy to commit fraud for running "Romance Scam." Immigration Police chief Pol...

Five Thai and Nigerian Busted in Online Romance Scam

BANGKOK - Pol Lt Gen Surachate Hakparn, commissioner of the Immigration Bureau has told a media briefing that immigration police have arrested six people...

Nigerian Man Busted for Romance Scam in Northern Thailand

BANGKOK - Tourist Police Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakparn said in a press conference yesterday Tourist police are hunting for conspirators in...

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