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President of Debt Ridden Thai Airways International Resigns

Thai Airways has been in a deep financial crisis and may have to seek national debt relief. The Transport Ministry said that THAI’s debt crisis was very serious.

President Trump Imposes Travel Ban on European Nations

US President Donald Trump’s has imposed a 30-day ban on most Europeans entering the United States in efforts to contain the Covid-19 Coronavirus. The...

Hot and Very Hot Weather Forecast for Northern Thailand

The Thailand Meteorological Department forecasts hot to very hot in some parts of the North and Northeast regions of Thailand. A thermal low will...

Some Travelers Now Require Health Certificate to Enter Thailand

Travellers from at-risk-countries entering Thailand are now required to produce health certificates prior to boarding their flights to Thailand. Thailand's Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT)...

Motorcycle Gunmen Execute Assistant Village Headman

An assistant village headman was executed by motorcycle gunmen while exercising at a children's playground in southern Thailand on Sunday. His executioners struck about...

Jeep Cherokee Runs Over 2 Year-Old Boy in Southern Thailand

A boy aged 2-and-a-half years died when he was run over by a Jeep Cherokee in Southern Thailand's Hat Yai district on Monday. The...

Cash Handout Shelved Due to Struggling Economy and Coronavirus

Thailand's Prime Minister has shelved a plan to hand out money to low income earners in a bid to prop up a sagging economy....

Bangkok Cancels Famous Songkran Water Party on Khao San Road

Bangkok's famous Songkran water party on Khao San Road and activities in two neighbouring communities have been cancelled. The huge annual Songkran water fight...

Border Police Seized 183 Kilograms of Marijuana on Mekong River

Border patrol police seized 183 kilograms of compressed marijuana in eight fertiliser sacks left on the bank of the Mekong river in northeastern Thailand...

Financial Planning is Key to Financing Your Startup Business

There are various financial planning paths that you can take to make sure that you have the money for the company, whether it is a startup or an existing business.

Italy order the lock down 16 Million People Over Coronavirus

Italy has ordered the lock down 16 million people for nearly a month to halt the spread of the new coronavirus across Europe. Weddings...

Hit Man on Most Wanted List Found Dead in Southern Thailand

A notorious hit man on Thailand's 'most wanted' list has been found dead in a house in southern Thailand's Nakhon Si Thammarat province. He...

Thailand Turns Away Cruise Ship Due to fears of the Coronavirus

Thailand has barred a cruise ship carrying about 2,000 people, including dozens of Italians, from docking due to fears of the coronavirus. The Costa...

Thai Tourism and Chiang Rai Promote Hot Springs as Healthy Tourism

Under the Lanna Spa City Program, hot springs which would be promoted include Thaweesin, Pong Pu Fuang, Pha Sert, Pong Phra Bat in Muang district and Pa Tueng in Mae Chan district.

Thai Returnees From South Korean Ignoring Self Quarantine

This week numerous Thai workers returned from South Korea to their hometowns with an order to be in quarantine for 14 days.

Senior Court Judge Dead after Commits Suicide a Second Time

Judge Khanakorn Pianchana posted a letter on his Facebook page on Saturday before shooting himself at his house in Chiang Mai. The Judge also wrote about the consequences of his first suicide bid in court last year.

21 Test Positive for Coronavirus Aboard California Cruise Ship

Twenty-one people aboard a cruise ship off the California coast tested positive for the new coronavirus and 19 of them are crew members. Vice...

Thailand’s Government Plans Giveaway Idea for Low Income Earners

The number of people eligible for the Finance Ministries Giveaway idea has yet to be calculated

Thinking of Thailand Travel? New Quarantine Rules Introduced

Do you have Thailand travel plans, Thailand has updated their travel rules for tourists as coronavirus cases hit 48. The travel rules follows a...

100Kg of Crystal Meth Washes Ashore in Southeastern Thailand

Authorities in Southeastern Thailand have seized 100 kilo's of crystal meth that was found washed ashore on two beaches. In Trat, 19 packs of...

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