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new years

K-Pop Star Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban a No Go for New Years

YG Entertainment that manages K-pop star Lalisa "Lisa" Manoban of Blackpink said she will not be attending New Years' celebrations in Phuket, Thailand. YG Entertainment's...

Prime Minister Defends “Lisa” and “Bocelli” New Years Scheme

Thailand's Prime Minister has defended his government's plan to spend some US$3 million to secure K-pop star Lalisa "Lisa" Manobal of Blackpink and Italian...

Day 5 of New Years Holiday, 316 People Killed on Thailand’s Roads

The Road Safety Directing Centre said on Sunday 49 people were killed and 379 injured on Thailand's roads on Saturday as the 7 day...

Thailand’s New Years Road Death Toll Drops to Lowest in 5 Years

The Road Safety Center has reported that during the 7 dangerous days of New Years a total of 373 were killed in Thailand. The...

New Years Road Death Toll Hits 317, Drunk Driving Main Contributor

The accumulated death toll in Thailand stood at 317, with 3,160 injuries in 3,076 road accidents from Dec 27 to Jan 1st.

Drunk Driving a Serious Problem with Thailand’s Motorists

Light penalties and weak enforcement, plus the near-impossibility of convicting 'connected' people, blunt campaigns to reduce drunk driving.

Pope Francis Apologizes for Angrily Slapping Woman’s Hand

In his impromptu remarks Wednesday, Francis said “so many times we lose patience. Me, too.” He then added “I say ‘excuse me’ for the bad example” he gave in the incident Tuesday.

Death Toll Rises to 256 on Day 5 of New Years “7 Dangerous Days”

On day five the Road Safety Center reports that the death toll of New Years, "7 dangerous days" has risen to 256, killed. A...

Thailand’s Road Death Toll Breaks 200 on the 4th Day of New Years

Thailand's Road Safety Center reports that in the first 4 days of New Years "7 Dangerous Days" there have been 1,988 accidents, 208 Killed...

Thailand’s Foreign Tourist Arrivals Rise by 6 Percent in November

Last week tourist arrivals in Thailand surpassed 38,260,000, the total 2018 arrival number. Now Thailand has broken through the 39 million international tourist barrier. Just two days before the end of the year.

Days 3 of New Years “7 Dangerous Days 159 Killed and 1,549 Injuries

Thailand's Road Safety Center has reported that in the first three days of New Years "7 dangerous days" there have been" 1,504 accidents, causing...

Day 2: New Years “7 Dangerous Days” 109 Killed, 993 Injured

Drunk driving was still the most common cause, resulting in 35.5% of the accidents, followed by speeding (30%).

Freak Hail Storm Hits Chiang Rai Province Triggering Blackouts

The department warned that there might also be rain or hail storms in some areas of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai Mae Hong Son, provinces on Sunday night.

Authorities Gear up for the 7 Dangerous Days of New Years

New Year travelers are expected to flood highways and transport hubs in the coming days. Consequently to handle the overwhelming number of vehicles Thai authorities have urged motorists to take detours and alternative routes.

Alcohol-Free New Year Campaign Launched in Bangkok

An alcohol-free New Year campaign has been launched in Bangkok to discourage drinking and giving alcohol over New Years. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation...

74,000 Police to Be Deployed Over New Year’s “7 Dangerous Days”

Thailand's Deputy national police chief, Pol Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk has reported that more than 74,000 police will be deployed over the New Year. Police...

New Years Travellers Warned to Arrive 3 Hours Early to Airport

Immigration will deploy staff at all counters to ease passenger congestion. The immigration offices will work with the airport agency and airlines to assist travelers to get through immigration as quickly as possible.

Anti- Drunk-Driving Group Offers Victims Free Legal Assistance

An anti-drunk-driving advocacy group has launched a centre to provide victims of drunk drivers legal assistance and advice. The center will help victims dealing...

Royal Thai Police Says Its Ready to Serve New Years Travellers

Thailand's Royal Thai Police has announced it will strictly enforce traffic rules and boost road safety for people traveling during the New Year holiday. Pol...

Drunk-Driving Campaign Launched to Reduce New Years Carnage

Various agencies in Thailand have launched a no-drunk-driving campaign for the 2020 New Year festival. The campaign is to raise awareness of the social...

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