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Myanmar Junta Orders First State Executions in 32 Years

The ruling military junta in Myanmar is set to execute a former lawmaker from Aung San Suu Kyi's party as well as a prominent...

LinkedIn and System1’s Partnership Bears Fruit in the Successful ‘plant’ Campaign Focusing on Career Growth

The world's biggest expert local area, LinkedIn, is commending the accomplishment of its multi week-since quite a while ago coordinated TV-drove advertisement crusade 'Plant'....

Frenchman Faces Execution for Child Molestation in Indonesia

A Frenchman could face execution in Indonesia over charges that he molested over 300 children and beat those who refused him, authorities reported Thursday....

Motorcycle Gunmen Execute Assistant Village Headman

An assistant village headman was executed by motorcycle gunmen while exercising at a children's playground in southern Thailand on Sunday. His executioners struck about...

North Korea Executes Official for Breaking Coronavirus Quarantine

North Korea has allegedly executed an official who returned from China and went to a public bath in violation of his quarantine. Experts also...

Texas Carries Out Execution on Inmate for Killings Two Women

In a final statement that lasted four minutes, Crutsinger thanked three friends who witnessed his execution.

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