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Vets in Thailand Remove 14 Bullets from Wild Baby Elephant

A team of veterinarians from Nern Plub Wan Animal Hospital in Thailand successfully removed 14 bullets from the front legs of a wild baby...

Baby Elephant Caught in Snare Trap Rescued by Park Rangers

Park rangers in eastern Thailand's Chanthaburi province rescued a baby elephant injured after falling into a snare trap. Snares are anchored cable, wire or...

Vets Working to Protect Elephants in Northern Thailand

The Thai Elephant Conservation Center is home to more than 100 Asian elephants on 320 hectares, in northern Thailand's Lampang province. The conservation center...

Mahout and Elephant “Cherry” Fall Under Hard Times after Tourist Killed

A Mahout in northeastern Thailand has fallen into hardship after his Elephant named "Cherry" killed a tourist at a jungle hotel. Mahout Peng Yimram...

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