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New Study Finds e-Cigarettes Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Doctors from the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health, report that frequent use of e-cigarettes can more than double a man's risk of erectile...

Central Investigation Bureau Seizes e-Cigarettes Worth US$350,000

Thailand's Central Investigation Bureau has seized e-cigarettes worth an estimated over US$350,000 in Bangkok on Friday. Pol Lt Gen Torsak Sukwimol said four people...

E-Cigarettes: How They Work and What Your Should Know

E-cigarettes have an interesting working mechanism that you should know about before you start enjoying the clouds. Again, knowing how they work gives users an opportunity to get most out of them.

17 Year-Old Teen Gets ‘Popcorn-Lung’ Illness from Vaping

According to a study published Thursday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, CT scans of the teenager’s lungs showed a different pattern of damage than is typically associated with the vaping illness

Thai Authorities Launch Crackdown on Banned e-Cigarettes

Thai authorities have launched a crackdown on banned e-cigarettes, seizing thousands of items in the past three weeks.  E-cigarettes have been outlawed in Thailand...

India Becomes the Latest Country to Ban the Sale of e-Cigarettes

NEW DELI - India became the latest country after Brazil and Thailand to ban the sale of e-cigarettes. In what could potentially be the...

Thailand’s Prime Minister Plans to Keep Ban on Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Phillip Morris International is actively lobbying the Thai government to reverse a ban on smoking alternatives like e-cigarettes.

Thailand’s Vape Users Urge Solution to Insane Law Banning E-Cigarettes

BANGKOK - End Cigarette Smoke Thailand has called on the authorities to quickly come up with appropriate solutions to regulate e-cigarettes in order to...

Pro-Vaping Group Petitions Ombudsman to Overturn Ban on E-Cigarettes in Thailand

BANGKOK - While electronic cigarettes are banned in Thailand, debate continues about whether to legalize them so the government can regulate a market that...

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