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Drought Creating a Bleak Outlook for Thailand’s Sugar Cane Farmers

With Thailand in the midst of its worst drought in four decades, sugar production is falling significantly for this year's crop cycle. Pushing up...

China and Mekong Authorities to Investigate Record-Low Water Levels

Mekong River Commission researcher say the record-low water level may be caused by low regional rainfall. Even more climate change which is turning the weather hotter and drier, causing weak flow.

Thailand Could Be Facing a Gloomy Outlook in 2020

The outlook for the year looks quite dim for the country due to a string of external and internal developments.

Sea Water in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River Effecting Tap Water

"Bangkok is controlling groundwater extraction but is suffering from subsidence. Consequently making it more vulnerable to sea- level rise. As sea levels rise, it is likely that salinity is going to become a growing threat"

Thailand’s Water Crisis Worsens in North and Northeast

Local officials throughout Thailand’s north and northeast have sought long-term solutions to the drought problems while calling on farmers to suspend their crop cultivation.

People in Thailand Told to Take Less Showers Due to Drought

"Please all help save water. Turn off all the taps. Use less water," the PM said. "Reduce tooth-brushing and shower time by one minute."

Cabinet Asked to Approve Bt3 Billion to Combat Water Shortages

The cabinet of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will on Tuesday be asked to approve a Bt3 billion to combat water shortages in Thailand. Above...

Mekong Water Level in Northeastern Thailand Drop to One Meter

Water levels on the Mekong River have dropped to about one meter in Thailand’s northeastern province of Nakhon Phanom. The rivers drop comes as...

31 Provinces in Thailand Warned to Brace for Severe Drought

The Provincial Waterworks Authority (PWA) have warned 31 provinces including Chiang Rai to prepare for severe drought this year. The Government Spokeswoman, Prof. Dr....

Irrigation Officials Warn of Extremely Low Water Reserves

The Royal Irrigation Office has warned of extremely low water reserves water at major dams in Northeastern Thailand. Saying reserves will only be sufficient...

Crop Loss Insurance Claims Skyrocketing in Northern Thailand

"The 150% claim ratio in crop insurance is the highest in the past four years, excluding the 2011 flood disaster when claims were as high as 700%, while crop insurance covers 1 million Rai for farms," said TGIA executive director Kheedej Anansiriprapha.

Cambodia’s Lifeline Threatened By Drought from Dams in China

The commission, cited "insufficient rainfall" and China dams for the lack of water, a situation it described as "unprecedented"

Underwater Temple Revealed by Extreme Drought

BANGKOK - A long-lost underwater temple has reemerged in central Thailand, where extreme drought has all but dried up the region's reservoirs. The temple and...

Rice Farmers in North, Northeast Thailand Face Worst Drought in 40 Years

CHIANG RAI - Rice Farmers in northern and northeastern Thailand are facing possibly the worst drought in 40 years, with crops withering and tap...

Government to Expedite Drought Relief Efforts in Thailand

BANGKOK - Thailand's Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has been ordered to speed up efforts to mitigate the impacts of the looming drought after water...

Thailand’s Meteorological Department Warns of Lowest Rain in Decade

BANGKOK - Thailand's Meteorological Department has warned that the amount of rain water this year may be the lowest in a decade and people...

Coffee Farmers in Vietnam Curbing Sales to Seek Higher Prices amid a Drought

  HO CHI MINH - Coffee farmers in Vietnam, the world’s biggest producer of the robusta beans used by Nestle SA (NESN) in instant drinks,...

Officials worried about Drought and Flash Floods

    CHIANGRAI TIMES – The Department of Catastrophe Prevention & Mitigation (DDPM) is not worried about the drought issue Thailand has been facing. In lieu,...

Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) visits Chiangrai

  CHIANGRAI TIMES - Thailand is a strategic economic hub in Southeast Asia, but last year’s floods could have chased away foreign investors. Intervention plans...

From Floodings To Droughts in Chiangrai Province

  CHIANGRAI TIMES - The northern province of Chiang Rai is experiencing full-scale drought. The main rivers have run dry and more than 70,000 rai...

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