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Taiwanese Man Busted in Bangkok Over “K-Powdered Milk” Drug Cocktail

A Taiwanese man has been arrested with drugs believed to have been used in making the “k-powdered milk” cocktail, during a raid in Bangkok....

Justice Minister Warns K-Nom Pong Contains Deadly Amount of Diazepam

Thailand's Justice Minister has warned drug users that the "k-powdered milk" drug contains 20 times the safe amount of Diazepam. The "k-powdered milk" aka...

Diazepam Detected in Fatal Ketamine Cocktail “K-Nom Pong”

Thailand's Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) is working closely with state authorities to find the source of illegal diazepam. The illegal diazepam was...

Drug Runner Wounded after Shootout with Police at Road Check

Two drug runners have been arrested, one of them wounded, and more than 2 million meth pills and about 400kg of crystal meth seized...

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