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dengue fever

Large Outbreak of Dengue Fever Reported in Northeastern Thailand

Dengue outbreak in Thailand and risk is present in both urban and rural areas. With elevated risk in northeastern part of the country. Peak transmission typically occurs during the rainy season, from April to December.

Dengue Fever in Thailand has Already Killed 89 and Infected 81,500

According to latest reports 81,500 people had been infected by dengue fever and 89 had died. The report is from January  to September stating most of the patients were small children and young adults.

Air Hostess Dies Just Days after One Mosquito Bite

Tragically, the Air Hostess had also developed a severe infection caused by the mosquito bite which triggered internal bleeding, shock, and organ failure.

Dengue Fever in Thailand Reaches 49,174 Cases With 64 Deaths

The healthcare sector is required to report the number of new Dengue Fever infections to contain the outbreak immediately.

Thailand Announces Dengue Fever Alert after 62 Deaths

BANGKOK - Thailand's Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) has launched measures to cope with the number of dengue fever patients, a number expected to...

Thailand’s Health Officials Warn Over Outbreak of Dengue Fever

BANGKOK - Thailand's health officials are reporting an increase in dengue fever this year, in fact, they are reporting the highest number of cases...

Thailand’s Monsoon Season Causes a Major Spike in Dengue Fever Cases

CHIANG RAI - As monsoon season begins, Thailand's  department of disease control Chief Suwanchai Watthanayingcharoenchai, has reported that the number of dengue infections has...

Victims of Dengue Fever in Thailand Tops 50,000 With 65 Dead

  BANGKOK - Thailand's health officials have reported that the number of people requiring treatment for dengue fever has already topped the 50,000 mark in...

Scientist Discover Dengue Fever Could Be Passed Through Sexual Intercourse

  BANGKOK - Dengue fever, a tropical illness caused by mosquito bites could be passed on through sex, a study has found. For the first...

Beating Malaria in the Greater Mekong Subregion

CHIANG RAI - In Southeast Asia’s Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), the battle against malaria is advancing at a rapid pace. Between 2012 and 2017,...

Disease Control Department Reports 33 Dengue Fever Deaths in First Four Months of 2013

  CHIANG RAI - The number of dengue fever cases and fatalities have doubled since the middle of March, as the Thailand Disease Control Department (DDC)...

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