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Hundreds of Countries Want Investigation into China and Coronavirus

Russia has joined about 100 countries in backing a resolution at the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) calling for an independent inquiry into China,...

Animals Worldwide Take Over During Coronavirus Lockdown

As humans are locked down due to the coronavirus many animals suddenly feeling emboldened to venture into now-deserted cities, towns and parks. Humans have...

Released Covid-19 Patient Returns to Chiang Rai Hospital

Chiang Rai health officials have reported that one of the nine Covid-19 Coronavirus patients who had recovered has returned to hospital. Mr Thotathep said...

China Under Mounting Pressure Over its Handling of Wuhan Virus

China's communist Party is under mounting pressure over its handling of the crisis, with calls for an independent inquiry

World Health Organisation Praises Taiwan’s Coronavirus Response

China has blocked Taiwan from joining international organisations but on Friday officials from the UN agency gave credit to Taiwan's success in containing Covid-19

Singapore Becomes the New Coronavirus Hotspot of Southeast Asia

With the new tally, Singapore moved ahead of Indonesia, which now has 6,575 cases, and the Philippines with 6,259 cases. Indonesia has the most deaths in the region at 582, compared with 11 in Singapore.

New Coronavirus Cases in Thailand Drop to 27 With Zero New Deaths

Although it is an encouraging sign, the public health office said testing for new coronavirus cases among people in high risk groups will continue.

Waste Possibly Infected With Covid-19 Becoming a Concern

Thailand's Environment Institute (TEI) is raising awareness over contaminated plastics and medical waste accumulating daily. The Institute estimates that the amount of used surgical...

Western Nations Calling for an Investigation into China and WHO

Western Nations are calling for an investigation of China's response to the coronavirus pandemic and the World Health Organization's handling of the crisis. China...

Thai Health Officials Report 32 New Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases

No new fatalities were reported. Thailand has had 47 deaths from the Covid-19 coronavirus.

China Lied, People Died, Lying Comes Naturally to China’s Communist

Officials in China continue to lie about the number of deaths in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus.

Phuket Reports No New Covid-19 Coronavirus Infections

Thailand's southern island of Phuket has reported no new Covid-19 Coronavirus infections on Saturday. Furthermore seven more patients have fully recovered and been discharged...

Thailand Finally Reports Zero Deaths from Covid-19 Coronavirus

The government on Saturday reported no new deaths and 33 additional cases of covid-19 coronavirus raising the total cases to 2,733. Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin,...

Thailand’s Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection Cases Dropping Daily

The Thai health department has reported that the rate of Covid-19 Coronavirus infection cases in Thailand seem to be slowing.  The Centre for Covid-19...

Thailand’s Prime Minister Mulls Easing Curfew as Covid-19 Cases Drop

Prime Minister Prayut Chao-cha may start to ease the curfew by the end of this month if Covid-19 cases continue to fall. Thailand’s health...

Coronavirus Cases Dropping Daily with Only 29 New Cases Thursday

Dr Taweesilp Visanuyothin, spokesman of the Health Department, said the number of new cases had dropped thanks to the 10pm-4am curfew.

30 New Covid-19 Coronavirus Cases and 2 New Deaths in Thailand

The Health department on Wednesday reported 30 new covid-19 coronavirus cases lifting the total to 2,643, with 2 new deaths. Increasing Thailand's covid-19 coronavirus...

United States Suspends Funding of World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) willingly took China's assurances to face value. Furthermore the WHO defended the actions of the Chinese government.

Social Media Anger Over Communist China Grows in Thailand

Thai social media users mocked China for authoritarian rule and likened President Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh. A comparison that is also banned in China. “Thailand is poor, but China is Pooh,” read one viral tweet.

Taiwan Health Officials Report No New Cases of Virus from Wuhan

Taiwan's Health Officials on Tuesday (April 14) reported no new cases of the coronavirus for the first time in more than a month. The...

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