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People Having Far More Sex Without Condoms During Pandemic

Karex the world’s largest maker of condoms reports that the use of its products has slumped as much as 40% in the last two...

Global Condom Shortage Looms Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

As the COVID-19 coronavirus lockdown continues a global shortage of condoms is looming, the world’s biggest producer warns. The coronavirus lockdown in Malaysia has...

STD’s On the Rise as Thai Youth Think Condoms Mean ‘Mistrust’

The latest studies show that many more Thai teens and young adults have contracted sexually transmitted diseases (STD) partly because they have the wrong...

Thai Immigration Arrests Seven Drug Mules Trying to Smuggle Heroin from Thailand to Hong Kong.

  BANGKOK - Thailand's Immigration police have arrested six Nepalese men and an Indian man for allegedly trying to smuggle heroin from Thailand to Hong...

Free Condoms for Thailands Flood Victims

  Thailand scrambled Wednesday to airlift condoms and other emergency health supplies to victims of its worst floods in decades to prevent a feared surge...

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