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Thailand Administrative Court Delays Toxic Chemical Ban Ruling

The judges also heard testimony from 10 witnesses who oppose the chemical ban, led by farmers' representatives Anchulee Lak-amnuayporn and two former chiefs of the Department of Agriculture (DoA).

Thailand’s Toxic Chemical Ban Passes Final Hurdle

The National Committee on Hazardous Substances has voted to ban three toxic farm chemicals amid threats by opposing farmers to seek a court injunction...

Ombudsman Threatens Criminal Probe if Toxic Chemical Ban Delayed

Gen Viddhavat said, if the NACC finds evidence of wrongdoing over the chemical ban the agency could recommend the Criminal Court to indict them.

Thailand Will Ban Three Toxic Farm Chemicals as of December 1st

The landmark decision will be forwarded to Gen Prayut for approval. The National Hazardous Substances Committee will then formalize the end of the three toxic farming chemicals.

Northern Thailand Farmers are Reluctant to Stop Using Toxic Pesticides

The pesticides paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos, which are widely used by Thai farmers,enable higher crop yields.

Thailand’s Pharmacy Council Renews Requests to Ban, Paraquat, Glyphosate and Chlorpyrifos in Thailand

BANGKOK - Thailand's Pharmacy Council has asked the national committee on hazardous substances to ban two herbicides, paraquat and glyphosate, and the pesticide chlorpyrifos...

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