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Chiang Mai Woman’s Selling Technique Raises Eyebrows

This week, an Internet sensation emerged with a clever way to attract customers from a street vendor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will never...

Drugs Suspect Killed, 6 Million Meth Pills Seized in Chiang Mai

The Pha Muang Task Force has seized 6 million meth pills and killed a suspected drug courier in a firefight in northern Thailand's Chiang...

Man Robs and Torches 7-11 Store Escaping with US$30

Police in Northern Thailand's Chiang Mai city report that a 7-11 store was robbed then torched at approximately 3 AM on Monday night. The...

Tourists Bring Life Back to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

Many tourists are heading to Thailand’s northern province of Chiang Mai after four districts were reopened for tourism as this year’s winter season gets...

Thailand Mulls Sending Giant Panda Lin Hui Back to China

Lin Hui's 19 year-old mate, Chuang Chuang, was found dead in his enclosure on Sept 16. An autopsy led experts to conclude the male panda died as a result of heart problems.

Giant Panda Xuang Xuang at Chiang Mai Zoo Dies at Age Eighteen

Xuang Xuang celebrated its 18th birthday on Aug 6. The male giant panda was born in 2000 at a panda research and development facility in Wo Long town of Chengdu province.

Star Elephant Beats Handler to Death with his Trunk at Chiang Mai Zoo

- CHIANG MAI - A star male elephant (Phlai Ekasitat) at Chiang Mai's Zoo, that appeared in action movie “Ong Bak” starring Panom “Tony Jaa”...

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