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buri ram

Little Boy in Intensive Care after Former Inmate Shoots at Fathers Pickup

A 7-year-old boy is in intensive care after being struck by bullets fired at his fathers pickup truck by a jealous former inmate in...

Fuel Tanker Explodes after Collision in Northeastern Thailand

A fuel tanker carrying 40,000 liters of fuel crashed into an 18-wheel trailer truck and exploded in flames in northeastern Thailand. The explosion set...

MotoGP Racer Marquez Wins Thailand Grand Prix in Buri Ram

The title was the eighth of 26-year-old Marquez's grand prix career, and he becomes the youngest rider ever to win so many.

Seven Young Men Charged with Gang Raping 13 Year-Old Girl in Northeastern Thailand

  BURI RAM - Seven young men, aged 14-22, were charged with the gang rape of a 13 year-old girl in a school's toilet in...

Student Sexually Abused by Buri Ram Teacher Since She Was 12 Years Old

BURI RAM -The parents of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually abused by a teacher for two years in Nang Rong district have...

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