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Bangkok Thailand

Large Outbreak of Dengue Fever Reported in Northeastern Thailand

Dengue outbreak in Thailand and risk is present in both urban and rural areas. With elevated risk in northeastern part of the country. Peak transmission typically occurs during the rainy season, from April to December.

Thailand Reports Only Three Imported Cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus

The three new covid-19 coronavirus cases were detected in state quarantine. They were Thai students who returned from Pakistan and Egypt.

Mall Shoppers Tracked with Thai Government Mobile App

As Shopping malls in Thailand reopened on Sunday shoppers were required to download a government mobile app to collect visitor records. The Thai Chana...

Virtual Vacations Are Booming During Travel Restrictions

Virtual vacations are booming during this time of travel restrictions as tourists try to get a holiday feel as best, they can from home....

Tips to Stay Safe When Buying for Groceries During COVID-19

Luckily, supermarkets are still open even in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic as most people if not everyone needs to buy groceries. But,...

Despite News of New Album, K-Pop’s Blackpink Fans Unhappy

Twitter was abuzz on Thursday as Blackpink K-pop fans also known as “Blinks” stormed the platform with the hashtag “NO_More_Lies_YG.” In Seoul, a truck hired...

American Finds Abandoned New Born Baby in Chiang Mai Thailand

An American expat in northern Thailand's Chiang Mai city has found a new born baby girl abandoned on the roadside under a tree. American...

Drug Production Increasing in Northern Thailand’s Golden Triangle

“The illicit drug market here is at a tipping point. Synthetic opioid production appears to be migrating into places with deep governance problems like the Golden Triangle,” says Douglas.

Migrant Workers Report Being Abused at Tesco-Lotus Stores in Thailand

British Grocery chain giant Tesco has found abuses against migrant workers at its Tesco-lotus stores and distribution centres in Thailand and Malaysia. Tesco based...

Inter-Provincial Coach Bus Service Resumes in Northern Thailand

The Transport Co will resume its inter-provincial coach bus service to Northern and Northeastern Thailand on Monday. The resumption of bus service comes after...

Parents of Murdered 3 Year-old Girl Suspect Local Villager

The parents of a three-year old girl who was found strangled to death in Northeastern Thailand suspect the murderer was a local villager. The...

Border Patrol Police Seize 480kg of Marijuana on the Banks of the Mekong

Border patrol police have seized 480kg of compressed marijuana on the bank of the Mekong River in northeastern Thailand. Narcotics suppression police estimate the...

Thailand Extends International Flight Ban Until the End of June

No passenger flights originating outside the country may land in Thailand until June 30th, 2020

Bangkok Airways Resumes Daily Flights to Koh Samui Island

Bangkok Airways has resumed daily flights to Samui Island in Surat Thani, imposing strict social distancing measures for passengers. Bangkok Airways has adopted sanitary...

Shopping Centres to Reopen in Thailand, Covid-19 Curfew Eased

Shopping malls, shopping centres and restaurants are among the businesses that will be allowed to reopen in Thailand on Sunday. Furthermore the curfew hours...

Missing 3 Year-old Girl Found Strangled to Death in Forest

Police said she appeared to have been strangled and to have been dead at least eight hours before being found. An autopsy would determine the cause of death and whether she had been sexually molested.

The Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Drinking On Your Body

As well as health problems, alcohol can cause problems in your work life and home life, making it difficult to function on a normal level

People Not Wearing Mask on Koh Tao Island Made to Do Push Ups

Authorities on Koh Tao Island in southern Thailand have been punishing people caught without mask by making them do push ups or jumping jacks. Koh...

What’s More Deadly than the Covid-19 Coronavirus in Thailand?

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 Coronavirus in Thailand has stopped climbing and on Wednesday Thailand reported zero cases for the first time...

Thailand’s New Online Learning Only Helps Children With Internet

Thailand's new online learning system scheduled to launch in July due to covid-19 may alienate some children from receiving an education. A resent study...

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