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Google Introduces New Features For Google Maps, Google Meet & More

(CTN News) - Google recently held its I/O 2022 conference. During the event, the company announced quite a few software updates. With its advancements...

Netflix Launches New Category Hub to Easily Discover Favorite Content

(CTN News) - Netflix has released a new category hub for its TV viewers. Netflix says in a blog post published on April 21,...

Top 3 Ways for Transferring Whatsapp from iPhone to Android in 2021

Part 1: Introduction Despite its vast ecosystem, many users are switching from iPhone to Android and the reasons are pretty simple. As opposed to iOS,...

Switching from Android to an iPhone: Transfer Data Types with Ease

Android OS and iOS OS are totally different, so that it is universal to have trouble switching from Android to an iPhone. However, this...

Huawei Launches “Mate 30 Pro” Despite Google Exile

The Mate 30 Pro. The lack of Google apps may be a killer blow for Huawei’s new smartphones, despite impressive features

Thailand Work Permits Now Available Through Phone App

- BANGKOK - Thailand's Labour Ministry and the Immigration Bureau have launched the first smartphone app on  allowing expats to lodge requests for work permits...

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