Thailand’s Health Ministry Warns Tourists Against Cold Showers in Northern Thailand

Mr Sophon insisted that the visitors are strongly discouraged from showering in extremely cold water.



CHIANG RAI – As temperatures drop in Northern Thailand, especially Chiang Rai, the Ministry of Public Health has advised people to avoid taking a cold shower due to possible adverse health effects.

Permanent Secretary for Public Health Sophon Mekthon pointed out that the cold weather is currently drawing many visitors to natural sites and places of high altitudes like, Phu Chi Fa Mountain in Chiang Rai.

He said ahead of their trip travelers should prepare themselves physically and make sure they have adequate winter clothing to wear and strongly discouraged tourists from showering in extremely cold water.

He explained that the abrupt change in temperature could trigger strong neurological responses in the body, possibly leading to shortness of breath, contraction of blood vessels, swinging blood pressure, shock and unconsciousness. In some cases, the conditions could result in death from low blood pressure.

As a safer approach, the Permanent Secretary suggested wiping the body with a damp cloth in order to allow the body temperature to come down slowly before showering. Warming the body immediately afterwards is also highly recommended.

By Surapan Laotharanarit



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