Thailand’s Health Ministry to Scrap Squat Toilets in Public Facilities

Have you ever tried to navigate those squat toilets


CHIANGRAI TIMES – If you spend any appreciable amount of time in Asia outside of your hotel room you will at some point probably find yourself faced with the intimidating task of using a squat toilet.  Have you ever tried to navigate those squat toilets which are common throughout Asia? Well, we have some good news.

Sit toilets have instructions

Thailand’s Health Ministry made the announcement this week its working on plans to scrap squat toilets in public facilities and replace them with western-style, sit down toilets

The announcement is sure to be welcomed by female travellers who struggle to work out how to use a squat toilet – which is basically little more than a bowl in the floor – without splattering urine onto their calves or feet.

Deputy public Health Minister Surawit Khonsomboon said the program was necessary to assist the country’s aging population – but it is sure to appeal to Tourists as well.

Thailand was the fourth most popular destination for Australian travellers last year after New Zealand, Indonesia and the US.

While most public facilities already have sit-down toilets, many shop-houses, restaurants, gas stations and other businesses still have them. Anna Wong



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