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  1. Unless can mean ‘except if’ or ‘only if’

    You can’t go in unless you are a member.( You can’t go in except if you are a member or you can go in only if you are a member)

    Don’t tell Annie what I said unless she asks you! (Except if she asks you)

    B. We often use ‘unless’ in
    We’ll be late unless we hurry
    (except if we hurry)

    C. Unless can mean ‘if..not’
    Unless you work harder, you won’t pass the exam. (If you don’t work harder)
    Don’t tell Annie what I said unless she asks you (if she doesn’t ask you)
    We’ll be late unless we hurry (if we don’t hurry)

    D. When we are talking about the future, we do not use ‘will’ after ‘unless’, it’s only for a present tense.
    We will be late unless we hurry. (Not ‘unless we will hurry’)


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