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Mary: Itís going to be sunny and warm this weekend. Letís do something outside on Saturday.
Bob: Sure. Letís play tennis! I bought a new tennis racket last week, and I really want to try it out.
Mary: I donít really like tennis. Letís play basketball instead. Thereís a court by my house.
Bob: That sounds like fun. Will there be enough people to form two teams?
Mary: I think so. Usually on nice weekends, a lot of people play basketball there.
Bob: Great! Letís do that on Saturday.
Now letís review the vocabulary

Letís is the contracted form of ďlet us.Ē ďLetísĒ plus a verb is a way of suggesting doing something together.
A tennis racket is a piece of sports equipment used to hit a ball in tennis.
To try something out means to use something for the first time.
Basketball is a game played by two teams. The teams try to score points by throwing a ball through a net located above each end of the court. A basketball is also the name for the ball used in the game.
Instead is used to suggest another choice.
A court is a rectangular area where basketball and other sports are played.


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