Jen’s English Tip’s – Alone – Lonely – Lone


Alone – Lonely – Lone

Alone and on your own/by yourself (Which are less formal and are the normal phrases used in spoken English), describe a person or thing that is separate from others. They do not mean that the person is unhappy.

• I like being alone in the house.
• I’m going to London by myself next week.
• I want to finish this on my own (= and without anyone’s help ).

Lone – Solitary – Single means that there is only one person or thing there, Lone and Solitary may sometimes suggest that the speaker thinks the person involved is lonely.

• A lone jogger in the park.
• Long, solitary walk.
• Not a single other person to be found.

Lonely (North American English also Lonesome, means that you are alone and sad.

• A lonely child.
• Sam was very lonely when he first moved to New York.
• She gets lonely now that all the kids have left home.

It can also describe places or activities that make you feel lonely.

• A lonely house.
• A lonely walk.
• A lonesome beach.



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