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7 Best Organic Baby Formula for Breastfed Babies 2021



organic baby formula

Each baby’s peculiarities of development differ so it is difficult to name the perfect baby formula brand. The content of formula for babies can be great for one baby and at the same time harmful for another.

Therefore, you could not hope that the selection issue will be limited to visiting the pharmacy and choosing the package you like. In most cases, the process takes several weeks and is highly individual. Furthermore, if you are looking for a healthy source of nutrition for your infant, check out infant formula.

Nowadays, the variety of brands of baby formula is huge, and choosing the best one can be a hard thing to do. Discerning parents often give their preference to organic baby food which must have 95% of natural and non-GMO ingredients in the USA and 98% according to the EU regulation commission. It’s a plus that the components of organic infant milk are from farms where animals are grown in their natural environment and are fed without traces of pesticides, steroids, or other harmful additives.

When choosing a formula for your baby, look for one with at least 10%Beta- palmitate.

In contrast, non-organic formulas have trace chemicals and heavy metals in their contents. You can also find such unhealthy ingredients as corn syrups, starches, and other harmful components which are not good for any food, never mind in your baby’s diet.


The best organic baby formula contains such useful components:

  • protein sources as whey and casein. Entering the child’s intestines, casein provokes immune responses to potential pathogens. The consumption of whey helps lay the foundation for health from the first months of life
  • DHA and ARA are important for neurodevelopment and child cognitive outcomes
  • Breastfed babies receive enough iron from human milk, however, if a kid is bottle-fed, it is necessary to use formula with iron-fortified
  • Even though probiotics and prebiotics are not required in the contents they are the gut microflora, so they are not superfluous.

Let’s find out what are the best organic manufacturers in 2021.

HiPP Organic

HiPP brand distinguishes itself from other manufacturers by its dedication to offering high-quality nutrition with 100% organic content. While producing formula HiPP makes 260 different quality checks for products to ensure that the baby food is fully organic. Together with infant milk, the company also offers juices, cereals, bathing products for your little one created with care and natural components as its baby formulas.

Besides, HiPP has subsidiaries located in the world to meet the needs of customers of different countries. For example, in HiPP Dutch Stage 1 and Stage 2 you’ll find probiotics in the composition. The starch is found only in HiPP German, but not in the UK, and  Dutch formulas.

Holle Formula

Holle was founded in 1993 and since then it refuses any chemical processing preservatives. Besides, certified with the EU standards, Holle also has Demeter label quality. So you can be sure that the animals are grown according to strict biodynamic standards – in harmony with nature. Holle Pre formula is perfect for babies from birth to support natural digestion. What’s even more, if you decide on the Holle brand, you will be glad to know that the company’s range has everything needed to support a baby’s feeding needs from birth to 3 years old.


Loulouka Organic Formula

Loulouka is a young European brand entering the market which has become one of the best-selling soon and there are reasons for that.  The company abandoned the presence of soy and palm oils in the contents of all formulas. They use only coconut, sunflower, and rapeseed oils. Another reason for being extremely popular is the usage of skimmed milk instead of whole milk. The point is a kid may face some issues digesting whole milk while skimmed one is better absorbed. Like other organic manufacturers, Loulouka formulas also have prebiotics, amino acids, Omega-3 and Omega-6, and inositol.

Kendamil Baby Formula

However, Kendamil was founded in 1962, the organic branch was launched in 2018. And since then the brand has achieved great success. For example, Kendamil received Monde Selection as the world’s best organic baby formula. What’s even more, you’ll surely focus your narrow mind on Kendamil, when finding out that the Royal Family is among the users of this organic food. The brand’s formulas don’t contain gluten, soy, sucrose, and corn syrups. Using whole milk as the base ingredient,  there are also Omega-3 and 6, prebiotics, and choline. Besides, milk fat globules membranes just like in breast milk present in all formulas(they are essential for brain development).


Nestle NAN Organic

NAN formula is created based on organic milk to provide a baby with all the nutrients needed for its balanced physical and mental growth. The ingredients are made in Switzerland according to special standards following international requirements for organic products in baby food. The cows graze in alpine meadows and feed mainly on fresh grass. NAN formulas are pure palm oil and GMO-free. The same as Loulouka Nestle natural baby food is made on skimmed milk. The formulas consist of five oligosaccharides similar to those found in breast milk and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which contribute to the normal development of vision.

Similac Organic Formula

Similac began its history in 1925. It is the manufacturer of infant milk founded by Abbott and is the first liquid formula in the United States, which became the most popular by 1951. And by the early 1960s, it hit the external market, and baby products started to be produced in the Netherlands. The brand’s formulas are suitable for kids from birth and are based on organic skimmed milk, including maltodextrin as a carbohydrate. Among the other ingredients, there is a variety of nutrients (iron and vitamin E), lutein, DHA, and choline.

Kabrita Formula

Kabrita is created from natural Dutch goat milk with the addition of whey proteins and useful components as:

  • DigestX – a complex of fats with beta-palmitate for comfortable digestion. It consists of triglycerides of a special structure and helps to reduce the frequency of constipation, improve energy metabolism and calcium absorption
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics – to support digestion
  • DHA and ARA – for the proper development of the brain and vision
  • 5  nucleotides that help to strengthen the immune system.
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