Fake 100 Baht Notes Still Circulating in Chiang Rai

The suspects use the fake banknotes to buy goods

The suspects use the fake banknotes to buy goods


CHIANG RAI – Loacal Businesses in Chiang Rai are still wary of accepting 100 baht notes after Fake 100 baht banknotes were spreading like wildfire throughout Chiang Rai city.

Local businessman say the forgeries are identical to genuine banknotes and to the naked eye it was almost impossible to spot a fake as they appeared to have all the security features as you’d expect to see and feel.

They claim you couldn’t distinguished a forged note without the use of proper equipment and each fake has a different serial number.

It is reported the 100 baht fakes have been in circulation in the area for some time, however, in recent weeks the number has grown significantly.



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