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Vietnam Sentences Eight to Death for Heroin Smuggling

– HANOI – Vietnam has sentenced eight drug traffickers to death for smuggling 300 kilos (660 pounds) of heroin to China, some of it in gas cylinders, according to state media. The cartel was convicted of smuggling drugs across the border between 2004 and 2015, according to a report on Thursday in An Ninh Thu […]

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US Turns to Diplomacy, Heading to UN Security Council to Discuss North Korea

– NEW YORK – Turning to diplomacy after flexing military muscle, the United States will urge the U.N. Security Council on Friday to increase economic pressure on North Korea over its nuclear weapons program, leaning on China in particular to turn the screws on its wayward ally. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will meet with […]

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China Launches its First “Made-in-China” Jump Aircraft Carrier

– BEIJING – China has launched its first aircraft carrier built entirely on its own, in a demonstration of the growing technical sophistication of its defense industries and determination to safeguard its maritime territorial claims and crucial trade routes. The 50,000-ton carrier was towed from its dockyard just after 9 a.m. Wednesday following a ceremony […]

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Trump Gets Tough on Trading with Canada

  – WASHINGTON DC – Canada has become the surprise No. 1 target in President Trump’s push to get tough on trade. Trump fired the opening shots of a potential trade war this week by slapping a tariff of up to 24 percent on Canadian softwood lumber imports. He also threatened action to protect U.S. […]

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France says Analysis Shows Assad’s Regime Behind Syria’s Sarin Gas Attack

– PARIS – France’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that the chemical analysis of samples taken from a deadly sarin gas attack in Syria earlier this month “bears the signature” of President Bashar Assad’s government and shows it was responsible for the deadly assault. According to Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, France came to this conclusion […]

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Tensions Rise as North Korea Marks the Founding Anniversary of its Military on Tuesday

– PYONGYANG – North Korea marks the founding anniversary of its military on Tuesday, and South Korea and its allies are bracing for the possibility that it could conduct another nuclear test or launch an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time. North Korea often marks significant dates by displaying its military capability. It so […]

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Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron Head for May 7 Runoff Election in France

Marine Le Pen (left) and centrist Emmanuel Macron (right) head for May 7th Run Off. – PARIS – French voters shut out the political mainstream from the presidency for the first time in modern history, and on Monday found themselves being courted for the runoff election between populist Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron. […]

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