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Massive Landslide in China Leaves 10 Dead, 93 Missing

– MAO COUNTY, China- Rescuers recovered 10 bodies and were still searching for 93 other people on Sunday, a day after a massive landslide buried a picturesque mountain village in southwestern China. More than 2,500 rescuers with detection devices and dogs were looking for signs of life amid the rubble of huge boulders that rained […]

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Oil Tanker Truck Explodes in Pakistan Killung at Least 148

– BAHAWALPUR, Pakistan – An overturned oil tanker burst into flames in Pakistan on Sunday, killing 148 people who had rushed to the scene of the highway accident to gather leaking fuel, an official said. The death toll could rise further as another 50 people are still in critical condition, said Dr. Mohammad Baqar, a […]

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Jordan to Cancel ‘Marry the Victim’ Clause Shielding Rapists

    – AMMAN, Jordan – A pregnant 15-year-old who had been raped by a brother-in-law decided to marry her attacker, hoping this would shield her from other male relatives who might kill her in the name of “family honor.” A young woman was taken into protective custody after being stabbed 17 times by a […]

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London Copes with Deep Divisions after Attacks and Tower Fire

– LONDON – The cars still zip over London Bridge at their typical fast clip, drawing little obvious attention. But some pedestrians walking the bridge over the River Thames each day say they find themselves glancing at the passing traffic and wondering: Is that the one? Is that the one that’s going to swerve my […]

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Belgium Tightens Security after Failed Bombing in Brussels

– BRUSSELS¬† – Belgium tightened security even more on Wednesday to counter fears that lone attackers could strike anywhere and at any time, a day after a failed bombing by a man shouting “Allahu akbar” at a Brussels train station put the nation on edge. A soldier killed the attacker, who had tried to set […]

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Death of American Student Detained in North Korea Baffles Experts

– SEOUL – North Korea’s missile and nuclear tests, its carefully scripted propaganda bluster, even its military threats: Far from the scattershot workings of a madman, most of this fits the playbook of a small, proud country well used to stoking tensions to get concessions it would otherwise not receive from surrounding big powers. What […]

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Google Intensifies Campaign Against Online Extremism

  – NEW YORK – Google is intensifying its campaign against online extremism, saying it will put more resources toward identifying and removing videos related to terrorism and hate groups. The renewed efforts arrive in the wake of violent attacks in the U.S. and elsewhere. A van struck a crowd of people outside a London […]

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