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UN’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Says Rohingya Children in a Dire State

  – GENEVA – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said on Friday, that nearly 340,000 Rohingya children are living in squalid conditions in Bangladesh camps where they lack enough food, clean water and health care. Up to 12,000 more children join them every week, fleeing violence or hunger in Myanmar, often still traumatized by […]

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Australia’s State of Victoria Takes Step Toward Legalizing Euthanasia

– VICTORIA, Australia — The Australian state of Victoria took a step toward allowing voluntary euthanasia on Friday, 20 years after the country repealed the world’s first mercy killing law. The Victorian Legislation Assembly passed a euthanasia bill by 47 votes to 37 after a passionate debate lasting almost 26 hours. Voluntary euthanasia will become […]

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Countries with the Highest Pollution Deaths, Mortality Rates

– NEW DELHI (AP) — Increasing pollution worldwide is proving deadlier than war, natural disasters or smoking, according to a new report published in the Lancet medical journal. Based largely on 2015 data from the Global Burden of Disease, the report estimates that at least 9 million premature deaths were caused during the year by […]

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China’s President Xi Jinping Looks to Usher in New Era of Nationalism

– BEIJING – In this summer’s “Wolf Warrior II,” Chinese action star Wu Jing portrays a tough super-patriot who rescues both fellow countrymen and oppressed Africans with help from the People’s Liberation Army. Audiences loved what became China’s biggest-grossing movie ever. Some reportedly sang the national anthem as the movie closed on an image of […]

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Canadian Province of Quebec Pushing Ahead with Law Banning Face Coverings

– MONTREAL, Quebec – In the Canadian province of Quebec lawmakers have adopted a law that will force people to show their faces when taking the bus or borrowing a book from the library, pushing ahead with legislation that is being criticized for targeting Muslim Canadian women. Bill 62, which the Justice Minister described as […]

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Signs Decree Imposing Restrictions on North Korea

– MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a decree imposing restrictions on North Korea in order to comply with a United Nations Security Council resolution. The decree specifically refers to the UN Security Council resolution on restrictions imposed against North Korea in November 2016. The document, spanning almost 40 pages, specifies certain […]

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Cambodia Bans Latest ‘Kingsman’ Film Due to ‘Negative Portrayal’ of Country

– PHNOM PENH – Hollywood’s light-heated spy blockbuster Kingsman: the Golden Circle has been banned in Cambodia apparently due to a scene that portrays the country and one of its famous temples as a hotbed of crime. The Director of Cambodian culture ministry’s film department, Bok Borak, said the “unacceptable” movie had been banned from […]

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