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Philippine President Duterte Challenges Catholic Church to “Showdown”

. . MANILA  – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has launched a tirade at priests and bishops critical of his crackdown on illegal drugs, accusing them of homosexuality, corruption and child abuse. President Duterte is furious about concerns by the Catholic church of alleged extrajudicial killings during his war on drugs, and lambasted clergymen for denouncing […]

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Russia Moves Closer to Decriminalizing Domestic Violence

. . MOSCOW  – In Russia, giving one’s spouse a slap is nothing extraordinary for many people. This week, the Russian parliament is expected to take a step closer toward decriminalizing it altogether. Battery is a criminal offense in Russia, but nearly 20 percent of Russians openly say they think it is sometimes OK to […]

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Road Safety in Thailand Should be a Permanent National Agenda

. . BANGKOK – With Songkrans the “Seven Dangerous Days” quickly approaching and the fact that Thailand is ranked second in the world in terms of traffic fatalities the World Health Organisation has recommended that road safety should be on Thailand’s permanent national agenda and not just raised as a seasonal issue during long holidays. […]

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Thailand’s Political Class War has its Roots in the Classroom

. . BANGKOK – Everyone knows that nurturing children’s brains is good for an economy, in Thailand, school reformers have an extra incentive: to narrow differences between rich people in cities and their poorer rural cousins, which have led to a decade of political tension and occasional eruptions of violence. For years shoddy teaching in […]

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Thailand’s Narcotics Suppression Bureau Takes Down Laotian Drug Lord at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

. . BANGKOK – Officers from Thailand’s Narcotics Suppression Bureau have arrested Laotian Drug Lord, Xayasana Keopimpha,  just moments after he stepped off a plane, in front of hundreds of tourists and commuters at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Maj. Gen.Suppakit Srichannon, Deputy Commander of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau, said officer from the anti-narcotics police unit said Xayasana […]

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Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Extradited to the United States

. . NEW YORK – Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been extradited to the United States, Mexico’s government said Thursday, a little more than a year he was caught following his brazen escape from a maximum-security prison. Several U.S. jurisdictions want to try the former Sinaloa cartel leader on federal drug trafficking […]

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Presidnet Trump Takes Charge Vowing ‘Robust’ First 100 Days

. . WASHINGTON D.C. – The president-elect Donald Trump is set to take the oath shortly before noon, after spending Thursday meeting with supporters and getting his team in place. The moment Donald Trump swears the oath of office and lifts his hand from the Bible as the 45th president of the United States on Friday, […]

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