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The Growing International Importance to Endemic S.E Asian Corruption – By Joel J. Barlow

  CHIANGRAI – Many places in Thailand, including Prachinburi, Pitsanulok, Ayudtaya, Petchabun, Muang Nong Bua Lam Phu and MaeSuay, ChiangRai, are “San” shrines (spirit residences) for King Naresuan the Great (Somdet Pra Naresuan Maharat; สมเด็จพระนเรศวรมหาราช or Somdet Phra Sanphet II, สมเด็จพระสรรเพชญ์ที่ 2). From the age of 20, Naresuan (then Pra Naret) participated in 29 military […]

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The Rot Must be Stopped in ChiangRai

CHIANGRAI – There’s been talk in government circles of turning Chiang Rai into a “green city”. Right now it seems more likely to turn into just another mean city. Chiang Rai has been an unusually successful mix of cultures, with a minimum of hatred and violence. Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra, the Princess Mother Somdet […]

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The Biggest Tree in ChiangRai – Joel Barlow’s Chiangrai

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – Joel Barlow – My wife said it is, but she was just trying to get me interested. I didn’t find out what kind it is, besides “giant” (yak, yaksa – ยักษ์ ). But it’s big enough to be interesting, and in an interesting area with lots of tribal villages, terraced rice […]

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A New Travel Opportunity – Joel Barlow

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – There is now bus service from ChiangRai to LuangPrabang Laos – only B950, leaving daily at 1 p.m.! One is even given enough time to arrange a “visa on arrival” (good for two weeks) at the border. On 19 Jan. 2012, bus service began from from ChiangMai to LuangPrabang began, reportedly […]

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Why Opening Myanmar to the West is Bad

  In a word – Monsanto. Here in ChiangRai, we still have bees and butterflies, pollinators. We and everyone everywhere, need them. In China, they’re now often pollinating by hand. Without a large pool of poorly paid and desperate people, that would make the price of fruit (among other things) exorbitant. The root (and trunk) […]

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Could Chiangrai Become a “Hub” for Expat Health Care

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – We’re already a massage “hub”; we’ve hot-springs and spas, lots of good clinics (skin, dental, cosmetic, you name it), the best weather in Thailand (and maybe, accepting Shan State, in Southeast Asia)… Could Chiangrai host retirement homes, health resorts, assisted-living communities and rehabilitation centers?  Maybe? But consider all the resorts around […]

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Interesting things to do in ChiangRai – Joel Barlow

  ChiangRai offers many places for bicycling (there are clubs), mountain or dirt biking, horse riding, rafting, rock climbing and other sports.  There are also photo shops with costumes and accoutrements to help supply one with interesting keepsake photographic images, which, either in color or sepia-tone, can be quite grand. There are many hot springs, […]

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Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines