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Blind Musicians Take the Lead in this Thai Orchestra

. . BANGKOK – In Thailand, some Buddhists view physical or intellectual disability as punishment manifested for wrongdoing in a past life. The Thai Blind Orchestra, made up of children as young as 9, hopes to help combat this perception through its musical training and performances. Rungroj Yongrit, a photographer with the European Pressphoto Agency, […]

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Artist Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit finds Happiness in Chiang Rai Mountains

  CHIANG RAI – Painter, artist Sriwan Janehuttakarnkit never feels lonely even though she lives a secluded life on a mountain in Chiang Rai. Her reputation attracts visitors from near and far to her house tucked away on Doi Sa-ngo in Chiang Saen district. Her house also serves as an art gallery, nestling among the […]

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Chiang Rai’s Uruphong Raksasad Film “The Songs of Rice” Gets National Acclaim

  CHIANG RAI – Since he left Bangkok and returned to his farming-family roots in the northern Thai city of Chiang Rai, documentary-maker Uruphong Raksasad has seen in a remarkable cinematic harvest: his first two films, Stories from the North and Agrarian Utopia, have traveled the world widely (with over 50 appearances at festivals and […]

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The Mysterious Charm of Chiangrai

CHIANGRAI -For many years Chiang Rai has lived in the shadow of it’s older sister city, the big and bustling Chiangmai. Many felt that it had very little to offer tourists who generally by passed it in favour of Chiangmai. 
However after several years of living and traveling around this northernmost city of Thailand, I […]

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Artists Inspiration for Collectors – Chiang Rai Artist Promma Inyasri

  BANGKOK – Chiang Rai-based Promma Inyasri has exhibited his work at venues in Bangkok, Chiang Rai, elsewhere in Thailand and at galleries in China. He received special recognition for works of art portraying the various achievements of the current monarch and to mark His Majesty’s 80th birthday the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture at […]

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Chiang Rai to Open the Khua Silapa (Art Bridge) Project in February

  CHIANGRAI – Chiang Rai is finding various clever ways to toss off perceptions of it as a northern backwater, not least by becoming a role model for art communities. Early this month ceramist Somluk Pantiboon led a hundred Chiang Rai-based artists in launching the Khua Silapa (Art Bridge) Project. They’ll begin welcoming fellow artists […]

December 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Art and Artists in Chiangrai,Featured | Read More »

Live Theatre Comes to Chiangrai

  CHIANGRAI TIMES – The Gate Theatre Company is a non-profit foundation which exists to enrich the cultural life of Chiangmai        through the production of high quality plays in the English language. The company began life as the personal initiative of the Artistic Director, Stephan Turner who worked many years in professional theatre in Chicago […]

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