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Songkran: Fun, Drinking, and the Thai Police

  – CHIANG RAI – Songkran is a Thai religious festival where people sprinkled water on their family members and pay respects to their elders marking the beginning of the Buddhist New Year. Now it is more known as a weeklong holiday and a three-day water fight and party. Large numbers of tourist come to […]

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The Thai Education System is Failing it’s Students

– The Thai education system has recently been featured in the Economist, the article discussed Thailand’s international education rankings in the recently released Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). Thailand’s scores have plunged to an overall ranking of 54 out of 70 assessed countries. PISA have found that one-third of Thailand’s 15-year-olds were “functionally illiterate.” […]

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Becoming an English Teacher in Thailand

. If there is one thing that impels young professionals to come and visit Thailand, it is the conception of many that the grass looks greener on this side of the world. Indeed, Thailand offers vast employment opportunities to foreigners, especially in the field of education. I recall being reluctant and interested at the same […]

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Justic for Some in The Land of Smiles

. . . Within Thai society, there is a large social and economic divide between the wealthy and the poor. They have vastly different perspectives on living and life.In the area of civil law and personal injury, the wealthy and well connected have access to the courts while the poor and uneducated are left to […]

November 23rd, 2016 | Posted in Thai Legal | Read More »

Sin Sod: The Cultural and the Legal Misunderstanding of Engagement in Thailand

. . A misunderstanding of a Thai marriage custom nearly broke up the relationship between my clients. I represented an American in his application for a fiancée visa for his Thai fiancée. After successfully obtaining a visa, the Thai fiancée requested 200,000 baht for her family before she goes to the United States to get […]

September 12th, 2016 | Posted in Learning,Thai Legal | Read More »

Thailand’s Justice Minister Say’s Drug Policy ‘Must Change’

. . BANGKOK – Speaking at the “Thailand’s Drug Policy Revisited” forum held by the Thailand Institute of Justice, Gen Paiboon said the high number of drug offenders and widespread drug abuse in communities shows the drug policy is failing. Thailand is on the wrong track in its efforts to address drug problems and it […]

August 19th, 2016 | Posted in Regional News,Thai Legal | Read More »

Drugs and Incarceration in Thailand

. BANGKOK – Last month, Justice Minister PaiboonKoomchaya’s announcement that methamphetamine will be removed from the list of Category 1 hard narcotics. It was met with controversy but it is a welcome change to a policy that has devastated Thai society. According to the Thai Corrections Department, Thailand has a prison population of 371,347 which […]

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